Eating @ SFU: Mr. Sub wrap

I’m a pretty big fan of Mr. Sub usually.  The choices are just as good as at Subway and the prices are better (they also have green olives which I’m a huge fan of in general).

Today, being a bit less hungry, I decided to order a wrap instead of the more bread-y sandwich.  Sounded good in concept, but sadly this is what I got instead:


It was painful to see.  How on earth am I supposed to eat this? Not cool.

Also, given the fact that this was a wrap, I didn’t like the way that I had to ask for extra lettuce and other veggies.  The amounts of toppings should be related to the style of sandwich – be it wrap or a regular sandwich.

Anyhow, I decided to fix this:

Now that's better!

I rearranged the filling and rolled up the wrap like a normal person would.  The wrap was now tasty and not crazy.

By the way – this was the Louisiana Chicken one, which I think is pretty good.  I appreciate that Mr. Sub has a chaffing dish filled with its hot meaty toppings rather than individually wrapped baggies of chicken or beef which get microwaved on a disposable paper tray.

Mr. Sub (SFU) on Urbanspoon

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