Budgie Burritos

As some of you know, we were moving this past month – which partially explains the lack of posts & reviews of late.  This doesn’t mean we haven’t been eating out – au contraire! We’ve had no energy to cook, so restaurants have been our mainstay for about 3 weeks now.

This first “homecoming” post is from the day of our big move.  Imagine Saturday of the May long weekend; the house is packed up and you’re just waiting for the pick-up time for the biggest UHaul you can legally drive.  What to eat?  How about a burrito!

Hard to find, impossible to miss!

I had read about Budgie’s Burritos on Sherman’s blog several months ago, and from a cute little movie on Vimeo some time back too.  True to the video, it was a total hipster paradise, with a fully vegetarian and vegan menu, crazy thrift store art on the walls, and ironic mustachioed cooks rocking out to old school Destiny’s Child and Johnny Cash in the kitchen.

Eclectic to say the least!

Because Chris was back home, I got our order to go; so off I went, back into the car with two very heavy, warm burritos for under $20.

Two burritos to go & my owl purse

Now, I’ve complained about wrap methodology before, so I was very happy when I saw the perfectly cylindrical, completely sealed job they did on my Blair Stanley burrito.

Snugly wrapped burrito

The burrito in question included chipotle and red pepper marinated firm tofu, rice, beans (I chose black beans), a generous amount of cheese, salsa (I chose hot) and lettuce.  This was mighty good, filling but not heavy.


Chris’ burrito didn’t fare quite as well in the leak-proof area.  His Johnny-O was quite a bit wetter what with the rice, beans (refried beans in this case), chipotle sour cream,guacamole, jalapenos, salsa (also hot) and lettuce.  I think the lack of tofu (or other heftier items available like potatoes, tofurkey or ground round) reduced the structural integrity of the burrito, especially after a 15-minute drive home.  Chris still really liked the flavours and enjoyed this lunch a lot despite the messiness!


I’d definitely call our Budgie’s Burritos lunch a hit: the price was right at $7.50 per burrito (for the larger 12″ versions) and I definitely enjoy supporting the vegetarian restaurants in town.  We’ll go back and try a few others to stay too.
Budgie's Burritos on Urbanspoon

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