Red Robin

After a hard day of packing (and then knowing you have UN-packing ahead of you too) we just wanted some comfort food.  We headed off to Red Robin in Metrotown for a late protein-filled dinner to help us rebuild our sore muscles.

Now Red Robin is something I had never been to before moving out west.  This chain does not exist in Ontario, and frankly the first time Chris took me here (hot date!) I was skeptical.  The crazy 80’s decoration, the neon, and semi-circusy theme (not to mention the perpetual loudly-sung birthday announcements) had me expecting the worst.  But I guess it is a family-oriented restaurant, and generic dated chaos is no more offensive to my rugged sensibilities than the false-chic mass produced modern decore of your normal Earls or Milestones, frankly.

Tin Roof (rusted!) - the crazy decore

So I mentioned that we were in the market for protein, right?  Well, the Royal Red Robin burger sure fits this bill:  a big, never frozen, ground beef burger, with a generous helping of bacon, and a fried egg (plus cheese which technically also has protein, tomato, lettuce and mayo) are squished together on a toasted bun then wrapped in a California-style burger “diaper”, and served with steak-cut fries in a oh-so-classy plastic basket.  It is freakin’ delicious.

Royal Red Robin burger (~$11)

It’s a big burger for sure, and the fact that the fries are “bottomless”* also help justify the price tag. The “Signature Blend” Red Robin Seasoning is pretty good on the fries.  They use it in the burgers according to the back of the shaker bottle, and from a copycat recipe I found online, I understand that most of the seasoning is a tomato base (which flavour-wise makes sense).

Flava shaka!

Service was attentive but mostly utilitarian, but honestly we didn’t care – we were tired and hungry and this place gave us lots of filling, good food.  Thumbs up.

Red Robin (Metrotown) on Urbanspoon

*Note: I don’t think if you “poutine up” your fries (for a rather princely sum of $1.99) that your poutine fries are bottomless… At least the waiter didn’t offer me another order on a separate visit (or perhaps he felt it would be hazardous to my health!) 😦  Save your $$ and stick with the normal fries.

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5 Responses to Red Robin

  1. KimHo says:

    So, after you moved here, what have been your thoughts of places like White Spot and Cactus Club? 🙂

    (Of course, me coming from a different country, my thoughts will be even wackier!)

  2. Elaine says:

    I actually haven’t been to Cactus Club, so I have no comment on them…

    Chris is under the impression that I like White Spot, but I can’t recall a single meal that I’ve really enjoyed there. I’ve had below average breakfasts, unimpressive pastas, and last time a truly underwhelming shrimp toast sandwich. Boo.

  3. KimHo says:

    You got it wrong: if you go to White Spot, you should NOT deviate fom their true and tried dish, aka, burgers. If you do deviate… Well, don’t hold me responsible for what might happen! 😛

    • Elaine says:

      I don’t even find their burgers that great – I *especially* don’t like that they serve the slice of pickle *on top* of the burger, which makes the bun yucky wet. 😦

  4. i’m not a WS fan either. I actually do like Denny’s though. OMG … did i type that? Shame on me.

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