Dolce Amore

I think I love ice cream just as much as anyone out there, but I feel a little special in that I’ve made ice cream (about a dozen times now) at home from scratch.  It’s not too difficult, but it does make you appreciate the work in getting some of the more intense, unique, flavours.

Now, with my parents in town, moving, and tons of work, I didn’t have time to make a fresh batch for our visitors, so instead we wandered over to Commercial Drive and found the next best thing: Gelato!

We aren’t too sure what Dolce Amore‘s hours are – it sometimes seems like their wine bar/restaurant is open later than the Gelateria!  Nonetheless, we got there around 9 PM on a Sunday night to find the place still very open (and we arrived just prior to a rush – great restaurant karma in action!)

So many choices...

I’m usually into super chocolatey or candy-filled ice cream, but I do love the simple and mature flavour of tiramisu gelato.  It’s not too sweet, and the coffee flavour is light.  Very good.

Tiramisu Gelato

Chris almost always gets a fruit-based gelato – this time he chose Blood Orange (which I tried as a sample and felt that it was too tart for my liking).  He thought it was great.

Silly Chris with Blood Orange Gelato

Note that this is a cash-only establishment.  Oh, but you won’t need too much cash – each of these “single scoops” is about $4 (and there’s no price premium for the waffle cone – nice!)

Dolce Amore on Urbanspoon

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