Al Basha

This post is way overdue – we were supposed to write about Al Basha back in April shortly after we stumbled upon this hidden gem.  Our move and everything else has prevented us from writing about it, sadly, until now.

Al Basha is on West Broadway and you’ll be drawn in by the yummy aromas. It’s a small restaurant but there are a decent number of tables inside, with such a gorgeous day, it was super nice to have the front windows open.

We lined up and looked at the menu, despite the small menu, we had a hard time choosing from amongst the many tasty sounding items!

We both decided to get the Falafel Wraps, and upgraded these with Taboule for an extra $0.50.  This is the first place I’ve ever seen where we’d seen falafels made from scratch, as in homemade falafel mix turned into little quenelles of chickpea goodness and fried to order.  Scrumptious!

Falafel wrap w. Taboule upgrade (~$7.50)

These were really good, the freshly made falafel made all the difference.  I strongly recommend adding the taboule to improve the veg-factor in your wrap.

I should note that I’m kind of a clumsy person, so I appreciated the smart waterproofing layer of lettuce between the sauces and the pita.  I still had a few drips here and there, but this was as good a technique as any to try to keep this wrap together. 🙂

We had also ordered a plate of humous with pita.  This was mighty fine humous – again, freshly made, with a nice lemony flavour (perhaps from the ground sumac dusted on top, along with the generous amount of smoked paprika?).  The texture of humous is incredibly important – this one was thick and smooth but without being oily.  For $4, this was a nice side dish.

I understand that Al Basha does a lot of takeout – their flyer also lists really late hours (3 AM every day!) but  the place is cash only so come prepared.

Al Basha on Urbanspoon

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