Bo Laksa King

Having heard all the buzz about Bo Laksa King, I was thrilled that we now lived closer to this hole-in-a-wall place near Joyce Station.  We were starving from having been busy unpacking and cleaning all day, and Malaysian food sounded like a great option.

I was mighty impressed with the very comprehensive website this tiny restaurant has – honestly, big places have no excuse if a take-out place run out of a convenience store has a great website with frequent updates and a Facebook page.  Good on ya’ Bo Laksa!

I had reviewed the menu before heading over, but was glad that they had a laptop on site to review the online menu (the paper menu wasn’t fully up to date).  I ordered a lot of food:

Papaya Salad ($6.75)

First up, Papaya Salad!  Normally I love this dish, finding the slightly crunch green papaya a great contrast to the spicy dressing, fresh cilantro, and pungent dried shrimp.  Sadly, I found this version to be imbalanced, with the papaya not being “green” enough and cut into strips that were too big.  I had asked for this to be “hot”, and it was, but it just didn’t work for me.

Roti Canai ($5.99)

Our other “appetizer” was Roti Canai (large) which everyone’s been raving about.  It was freakin’ amazing.  I loved the roti itself, crispy and light without being oily.  I don’t know if this will make sense to anyone, but it reminded me of the slightly-undercooked centre layers of a vol-au-vent puffed pastry cup.  The curry sauce was a bit grainy as the spices kept sinking to the bottom of the otherwise rather oily sauce.  I preferred dipping this into the laksa sauce instead!

Thai Basil Chicken Fried Rice ($6.75)

We also got Thai Basil Chicken Fried rice; the rice was perfectly cooked, with nice long grains of sticky rice, strong basil flavour, a little egg and chicken.  I loved this, it had great flavour on its own, but also carried sauces very well.

Drunken Beef ($8.75)

Drunken Beef was our main course, with a really generous about of beef and big juicy mushrooms, peppers, onions and a sweet soy-based sauce.  Warning – a ton of the sauce leaked out of the container when bringing it home – luckily the plastic bag to hold the containers saved the day!  This item was delicious – the beef was very tender, and the sauce, as mentioned above, worked really well with the rice.

Laksa (minus broth) ($7.50)

Finally (I did mention this was a big meal) we ordered the Laksa made with vermicelli.  The sauce/broth was very good, given that this was made primarily with coconut milk, you really can’t go wrong.  I have to say that this dish was pretty challenging to eat neatly – even after transferring this to two smaller bowls.  I enjoyed the variety of ingredients, especially the tofu puff (as they soak up so much flavour).  We waited a little too long to eat this, so it did cool down quite a bit – our bad.

We’ll be back for sure… there’s so many interesting things to try.

And – by the way, it is possible to pay with debit to the convenience store cash register, very convenient indeed!

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One Response to Bo Laksa King

  1. Mike says:

    Just tried this place tonight and was pleasantly surprised. I agree with you, the basil chicken & laksa were very tasty & filling.

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