House of Dosas

During my parents’ visit in town I thought it would be fun to show them some more specific kind of “ethnic” food.  See, in Ottawa where I grew up, there’s Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese restaurants, etc. but nothing more specific – for instance, while there are Japanese restaurants, there’s no robata place specifically.  So to provide them with a unique Indian restaurant experience, I decided to bring them to House of Dosas.

At Knight & Kingsway

It was around 2 PM, so while we avoided the lunch crowd, I was surprised that it was still pretty busy.  I guess knowing that the place is open 24-hours makes people feel confident that a 2 PM late lunch will be just as feasible as a 2 AM post-bar snack.

We were seated at a big table near the Kingsway-facing windows, and were given menus very quickly.  Despite some of the comments I’ve read elsewhere, I found service to be prompt and very polite.

We each chose a different dosa, but of course they all look the same!  One picture should suffice I think 😉  For the uninitiated: a dosa is a big crepe made of fermented lentil/chickpea flour.  It contains a curry or stew-like filling (worry not – it’s not stuffed from end-to-end!) and is served with a sauce that is very much like pepperwater soup.


My mom enjoyed the quite spicy lamb vindaloo ($9.99).  It was nice that the lamb was all meat – no bones or other “things” that you sometimes get in buffet places.  I can’t for the life of me remember what my dad ordered, but he was pleased with his choice.  I chose the Palak Paneer Alu Dosa ($8.99) which was a mix of creamed spinach, potatoes and paneer cheese.  It was very good though not particularly salty (but I love salty food).  I was surprised by how hearty this veggie option was, and how well proportioned the dosa was to the filing.

Of the sauces presented, I liked the sambal/soup-like sauce the best.  The coconut chutney was okay, and I found that the carrot/tomato chutney was rather bland… It was really the grated-veg texture of these two chutneys that I didn’t like.  I’m still not 100% clear on my culinary Indian geography, but I’d have loved some cilantro-mint chutney to go with this.

After I paid (they take debit for sure, probably credit cards too), I walked out but was soon chased down by our waiter.  He noticed that I left my umbrella behind and ran half a block to give it back to me.  That was really nice of him and definitely topped the very good service we got throughout the meal.

We’ll be back – either for a solid odd-time meal, or for their Monday “Vancouver Dosa Day” specials.

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