Burgers Etc.

Having enjoyed Burnaby Heights area during Hats Off Day,  we wanted to return to check out Burgers Etc. which seemed to offer a full range of smoked and BBQ’d items.  We’re big fans of  southern barbecue, so we were excited to try this new place.

Hastings & Gillmore

We showed up at around 7 PM on the last day of the playoffs – it was really quiet in the restaurant – only a few other tables of customers.  Apparently they were closing early that night – hockey coincidence?

A very clean kitchen area - the smoker must be in back!

We chose our seats so we could watch the game on the TV.  It was really clean and home-y, though some of the decorations (like the elaborately engraved “Cash & Debit Only” sign) seemed a bit out of place.

On to the food!  Can you believe that we didn’t order a burger at a place called “Burgers Etc.”?!  Sacrilege!  Or, should I say sacrilicious?  We ordered a sharing platter to sample this restaurants’ fine BBQ offerings, and I don’t think there’s a better way to order at this place!

Etc. Sampler ($39.95)

The Etc. Sampler platter was piled high with tons of goodies:  2 big pork ribs, 2 quarter chickens, 4 or 6 spicy chicken wings, two large spicy Italian sausages, a big serving of pulled pork, and a nice quantity of smoked beef brisket.  Oh, plus a ton of fries, a container pilled high with coleslaw and some baked (kidney) beans.

Etc. Sampler - "other side" - it's a big platter!

Now, it was about this time that one of the owners noticed the number of pictures I was taking, and being clearly a Level 2 in Kim’s Seven Levels of Food Bloggers – I chickened out after being teased that the cook wanted to be in my pictures!

So – how was the food?  It was pretty fantastic!  The star of the show was definitely the pork ribs.  Big, juicy, and very meaty, and nicely coated with a sweet and tangy barbecue sauce.  Our next-favourite thing was the italian sausage, which was coarse-ground, quite spicy, and enjoyably un-greasy.  The chicken wings were unlike any other wings I’ve had before – they were very spicy thanks to the dry rub they used – I found them a little dry though sans-sauce.  The quarter chickens were a much juicier, having received a glaze of the same sauce as the ribs.  The pulled pork flavour was smokey (or is it “smoky”?) and relatively lean in comparison to other pulled pork I’ve had – I didn’t find it quite saucy enough.  I wished they had sauce on the side or on in a condiment bottle.

There was still more food, with the beef brisket which was really good, but sliced very thin – the meat was falling apart tender, so I didn’t see the need to cut it so thinly.  The fries were good, thicker-cut with a true “potatoey” flavour.  I liked the way the coleslaw was made with finely shredded cabbage – the creamy dressing was excellent (and resembles the kind I make at home 🙂 ).  The only thing I didn’t like was the baked beans – made with kidney beans, I felt these were not a good interpretation of “baked beans”.  The beans themselves were cooked well, not blown out at all, but they didn’t really absorb the sauce and just sort of floated there.

For the price, this was a great deal.  I’d confidently try other things in future visits.  All the staff there were really nice (despite the picture-taking teasing) – given how good the brisket was, I bet their brisket sandwiches are fantastic!  Oh – or a burger! 😉

Burgers Etc. BBQ House on Urbanspoon

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