Vancouver 2010 Cupcake Challenge

When you get an invitation to an event with the words “cupcake” and “free” you know only good (and then crazy!) things can happen!

Mijune, the creator of Follow me Foodie, worked with Nicole Marie Events, to bring together seven bakers/bakeries from around Vancouver (and even as far out as Victoria!) for this event at the Roundhouse Community Centre on Father’s day weekend.

Cupcake Couture

Indulgence Cupcakes

Some of this event is a bit of a blur – what with all the sugar, tons of people, and more pink things than I’ve ever seen in a single room!  I hope that I’m not misidentifying any of the vendors (please correct me if I’m wrong!)

Pink Sugar - chocolate & strawberry

Pink Sugar Cupcakery is located in Victoria, though they told me they ship goods to the mainland.  Can you believe this little beauty is vegan!?!  I enjoyed this cupcake very much I found the cake moist and the icing to be nicely flavoured.  I didn’t realize at the time this was a non-traditional bakery – so I’m extra impressed with this treat!  Also – brown cupcake liner for chocolate cupcake = brilliant!


Cake Tease - Chocolate & Mint

Cake Tease came to the event looking like they meant business – with a fancy display, and the nicest of bakers, they were all about telling us what they do, and how they do it.  I liked that a lot, but I think I didn’t pick the right cupcake quarter… The “Colosal chocolate” cake was actually kind of salty, and you can see it is not as dark/fudgey as others at the event.  The icing was too fluffy for me, and not minty enough. 😦


Cupcake Couture's offering

I thought the display at Cupcake Couture was charming, and I liked that they provided mini cupcakes, but I have to admit that I wasn’t a fan of the icing style.  The frosting was so soft and lightly sweetened that I almost felt like I was having whipped butter.  I know that they were adding a carmel or butterscotch sauce on top of the icing, but it just didn’t work for me 😦


Bon Gateau - chocolate & mango

Bon Gateau was cranking out freshly-frosted mini-cupcakes all throughout the event – I can only imagine how sore their wrists were from all that piping!  The cupcake I got to try had a good, chocolate cake that was moist, but a bit too much so, with a mango mousse-like frosting. I think we’ve established that I like a stiffer frosting, but I found the flavour strong enough to come through in the icing for sure.


Indulgence - Dark chocolate & Caramel

What’s this? It’s about the size of a quarter!  Indulgence offered teeny tiny cupcakes, which was novel for sure, but I almost felt like I didn’t get to taste much with such a tiny bite!  I did notice that the cake texture was very dense, almost like a brownie, but I couldn’t really recall much else.  There is something to be said about bigger being better!


Frosting Cupcakery - Love Potion

My runner up:  Frosting Cupcakery nailed exotic flavours.  This little beauty was super delicious with tons of fruit flavour throughout the cake and icing.  The cake was moist but with good “body” and the icing was beautifully pipped, though again, fluffy! I saw even softer-looking frosting with their (now) award-winning Neapolitan cupcake, and other offerings.  Very creative, very pretty, and very memorable.  Great branding too!


Big City's Chocolate Covered Strawberry

Big City Cupcakes was the pro in the room with 20 locations across BC.  They brought over 250 full-sized cupcakes, at least 6 employees, and their own camera guy!  I was impressed with the variety they brought, and for me, this was the overall cupcake winner.  Rich-flavoured cake that was moist but not fall-apart moist, and perfect, slightly sugar-crystaly icing.  This is the kind of icing I like the most, and while the picture to the left ain’t pretty, the full cupcakes were quite nice looking.

It was really the frosting that made the difference for me with Big City Cupcakes, so they got my vote for food blogger’s choice!  I’d definitely give Frosting some business too, and Pink Sugar if I’m ever on the island – but I think I’ve had enough cupcakes to last me quite a while! 🙂

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4 Responses to Vancouver 2010 Cupcake Challenge

  1. Elaine!! This is awesome!! I didn’t get to try all the cupcakes because I was busy greeting all the wonderful supporters of our event. Love hearing your thoughts. Thank YOU for supporting us and the local bakers. Greatly appreciated and hope to see you next year 🙂

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  3. Wendy says:

    Every time I read your blog I have yet another food craving! Cupcakes were my longest pregnancy craving (since it has never really stopped…)

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