Lao Shan Dong

I’ve been reading so much about Lao Shan Dong, and having recently been exposed to Taiwanese beef noodle soup, I jumped at the chance to try “LSD” when Chris offered to take me wherever I wanted for dinner.

Located on the north side of Kingsway near Nelson (across from the edge of Metrotown shopping centre), we had a little trouble finding some parking.  In the end, we parked a few blocks away and walked to the restaurant.  It was bright and colourful inside, but looked a bit like a take-out/fast food place.  I was a bit apprehensive that this was going to be more casual than we intended, but we were quickly noticed by a waitress, offered our choice of tables, and then well taken care of throughout the meal.

Dry noodle (small $6.25)

My dish was the dry noodle with special beef sauce (spicy).  I was unsure if I wanted a large or a small, but when the waitress showed up the giant mixing bowl-sized large at another table, I knew a small would be more than enough!  The noodles were excellent: soft and tender with a nice elastic texture.  They held the small amount of sauce very nicely, which surprised me – there must be a “grain” to the noodles when hand-pulled that acts like the ridges in penne.  The beef was incredibly tender, not fatty at all, and the mustard greens added just enough crunch and sourness to balance out the beefy and salty components of this dish.  Hugely delicious!

Beef flank noodle soup (small $6.95)

Chris ordered the beef flank noodle soup – he was hoping to compare it to Beefy Beef Noodle, which he found too salty.  LSD’s version was a hit – the broth was flavourful and rich without being too salty, the beef flank was tender and generous quantities were provided.  The mustard greens again were what “made” this dish for Chris.  He really enjoyed this dish.

Meat & Veggie Dumplings (10 for $5)

Just in case the portions were going to be too small (as if!) we also ordered some dumplings.  The boiled pork and vegetable dumplings came steaming hot immediately after our noodles arrived.  These reminded us a lot of dumplings we’d enjoyed in China:

boiled dumplings we enjoyed in Guangzhou

Pretty authentic, huh?  Anyhow, back to LSD’s version – these were super juicy, and had, again, more mustard greens as the vegetable.  Given how much we enjoyed this veggie in our soups, we were happy to have it reappear in the dumplings.  I found the dumpling skin thicker than other dumplings I’ve had in the past, but because the quality of the noodle was so good (soft, no tears), it worked well here.

Dark soy & vinegar sauces

They offered two kinds of sauces for the dumplings, and we liked mixing the soy and vinegar together to add yet another layer of tanginess to the savour pork.  At one point, it seemed like the restaurant lost count of how many sauce bottles were around, so they briefly took these away from us which was a little weird.  None the less, this was a nice dish to add to our dinner and really fill us up!

I think LSD was a success for both of us, and given that we now live quite close, we’ll be back.  We were surprised about how good the service was, and how big the portions were, so that definitely sealed the deal for us.

Lao Shan Dong Homemade Noodle House on Urbanspoon

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4 Responses to Lao Shan Dong

  1. KimHo says:

    The parking space for LSD is on Nelson side; if you go southbound from Nelson, just before Kingsway, you should see the entrace. Otherwise, unless it is past 9:00 p.m, park at Metrotown! 😀

    Now, for comparison purposes, you should now go to The One. Sure, same owner, but I found it was somewhat different.

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