Golden Sparkle

I have much love for Golden Sparkle… so much so, that it’s one of *the places* I have to bring visitors to when they’re in town.  While the restaurant itself is quite humble, every dish is very well executed.  And, in contrast to other restaurants of its kind, the service here is very friendly and helpful.

We used to live very nearby and would go to Golden Sparkle several times a month (sometimes weekly) – but since we’ve moved, I feel a bit more confident in writing about them (though I didn’t dare take the pictures – these too are from my dad’s camera!)

There’s a real diversity in the dishes listed on the menu – your regular Canadian-Chinese items like fried rice and chicken chow mein appear, but HK cafe style items like baked rice and breakfast sets are also offered.  Lots of fresh seafood items (without the fancy seafood restaurant prices), and a few oddities that we have not worked up the courage to try (Pork stomach? Ostrich? Ribs with fresh strawberries?).  We stick to the middle of the road for the most part – here are some of our favourites:

Chef's specialty hot & spicy garlic chicken ($10) - String beans w. Spicy Minced Pork ($10)

The string beans here are really good -never dry from being over fried, and never oily either.  This dish is huge and piled high with lots of flavourful minced pork and dried mini shrimp.  So good!  The spicy garlic chicken is excellent too – all their spicy dishes are well balanced with enough kick, but nothing to knock you out of your seat.  Notice that there’s no “filler” in this dish – just meat!

Beef w. Black Bean Sauce chow mein ($8)

Now, this dish of beef chow mein was an accident – we didn’t make it clear enough that we wanted the Bhudda-style veggie chow mein, but this picture illustrates again how generous the portions are (especially with meat).  The very crispy noodles are excellent too.

Sauteed Ling Cod w. Ginger (and celery & snow peas) $13

The sauteed ling cod is a dish we love.  A fairly sustainable option, the fish is tender and very delicately flavoured while still being somewhat firm.  It soaks up the clear broth-like sauce so well, and again, the veggies here are perfectly cooked.

Bhudda style veggie Chow Mein ($9)

Now, my personal favourite – the Bhudda Style Veggie Chow Mein – which is loaded with perfectly cooked veggies on top of a huge bed of super crisp noodles.  Chris loves the black fungus, while I love the straw mushrooms and the bamboo pith.  I would eat this huge dish up all on my own – it’s that good.  The waitresses do tease us for ordering this a lot, but it’s worth it!

Other awesome dishes that I haven’t taken pictures of include their deep fried, salty & peppery pork chops, their (wet) beef chow fun, and their wonton noodle soup is very good too.  There are often specials that we can’t decipher as they are hand-written only in Chinese characters.  Oh, and there is also a few extra lunch/snack menus you should make sure to look over – great set meals for $8 or less!  Now I miss Golden Sparkle!!!

Debit or cash only!

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