Taco Del Mar

I’ve been having some crazy work days recently, and sometimes lunch just isn’t in the cards for me.  I suppose I’m “lucky” that there’s a few food options by my new Skytrain station (including a very friendly Starbucks crew).

I decided one evening on my way home that I wasn’t going to make it all the way up Gilmore without first having a snack – so, I decided to check out Taco Del Mar.

Sad, empty Taco Del Mar

When I entered, the one staff person was eating her lunch – with plastic gloves on – that totally grossed me out.  I was racking my brain for a few instants trying to think of a polite way to ask that she change her gloves, but was glad that she took them off and then replaced them with other gloves before helping me (note that she didn’t wash her hands in between).

I asked for the small burrito with carne asada ($4), but after having “steamed” the tortilla for a second, and put the “mexican rice” on it, the server gave me ground beef… WTF?  This clearly isn’t carne asada…  Anyhow, the next options were “sourcreamguaucamole for $1?” to which I shook my head, I swore there should have been beans provided, but instead we skipped right to the salsa (which I chose “hot” and it was “not”).  Somehow, this mess of ingredients got rolled up into a burrito within a foil wrapper – this was somewhat impressive.

Small Burrito (Mondito Burrito)

So – how was it?  Meh – I suppose it was better than what “the Bell” offers, in that the overall burrito wasn’t oily and nothing came out of a caulking gun, but I still don’t see how Taco Del Mar can claim to be “keeping it real”.  It was very mildly spiced, and even though the salsa should have added some crunch, everything was pretty soft and unremarkable.


I suppose this reminds me a bit of the fodder I would get between classes at Carleton – something that would tide me over the next 3-hour social psychology lecture.  I do think this is better than the crap sandwiches you can overpay for at Starbucks, but I’ll be trying some of the other food vendors in the block first before returning to Taco Del Mar.

Taco Del Mar (Dawson & Gilmore) on Urbanspoon

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