The/El (Furniture/Famous) Warehouse

We had a concert to go to on a Saturday evening in downtown, so we decided to grab some dinner out on our way.  As usual, we pondered the multitude of options – sushi? Indian food? Viet Sub?  Chris was starving and we were running out of time, so I suggested a place down on Granville that I knew offered burgers – The Warehouse.

Now, that’s the name of the restaurant, I think… It is also called The Famous Warehouse or The Furniture Warehouse or “El Furniture Warehouse” (which is ridiculous), and the outdoor picture I would normally post right about here of the restaurant facade sadly got lost when I recently had computer problems 😦  Instead, let me show you a picture of a sign you can see from both inside and outside:

Note: "Food only $4.95 all day"

The place, no surprise, was packed with young people, ordering tons of pub food and beer.  We decided to partake!

Further proof that food here is, in fact, dirt cheap!

Chris ordered some onion rings (definitely not my favourite, but I’ll have one or two).  These were incredibly crispy, with the onion inside having cooked nicely to be soft, almost, sweet.  The chipotle mayo provided was good, but I found all this to be quite heavy (as I find all onion rings) so one or two was all I could take!

Onion Rings ($4.95)

We each also had a burger – which was quite impressive.  The Works Burger came with all the toppings, including cheese, mushrooms and bacon.  I don’t think I’ve had such as substantial, well seasoned burger for that price at any fast food place.  Oh, and the $4.95 price tag also included a pretty generous order of fries.  These were good – crispy and all.

Works Burger w. Fries ($4.95)

Very impressive food for the price for sure!  They also didn’t gouge you on drinks – I think we each ordered a pint of Granville Honey Brown, which was comparable in price to our main course, but not overpriced in the grand scheme of things.

It should be noted that this place is most definitely a bar – with loud (though awesome) music.  Service was good, though it was clear that the waiters were rushed to feed the masses.  I’m not sure if it’s cash only (there was a Visa Olympic sticker on the front door we noticed later, but were hedging our “cash only” bets given the grey-label ATM inside).

One last thing to report: their many tv’s were broadcasting the Red Bull Air Races which are insane.  Definitely caught my attention!

El Furniture Warehouse on Urbanspoon

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2 Responses to The/El (Furniture/Famous) Warehouse

  1. KimHo says:

    What?! A place as cheap as Burger Burger??? IN DOWNTOWN???? OK, I will have to check it!

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