Miscellaneous Tim Hortons items

I get a kick out of the fact that my previous post on Tim Horton’s Soft Bun is still one of the most popular ones from my blog!  I’m happy to have been able to demystify the hype over this carbohydrate change; but not to be outdone, here’s a whole medley of food item reviews from my beloved Tim Hortons!  (Also, enjoy my ever-changing work wardrobe 🙂 )

Yogurt & Berries

Because of some crazy allergies, I’ve often shied away from ordering the yogurt & berries at Timmies… but I took the plunge, with some Benadryl close at hand, I tried this concoction.  I was disappointed with both the quality of the fruit (mushy, felt thawed from frozen state) and the texture of the yogurt (clearly a low-fat version with lots of xanthan gum or whatever to thicken it up).  I’d pass on this in the future (the Starbucks fruit & yogurt parfait is pretty decent if you’re looking for something like this – mind you it’s at least twice the price).

Chicken Wrap Snacker

This Chicken Wrap Snacker was my lunch – actually two of these – which I found decent if you wanted something “lighter” than their regular sandwiches.  There are two options for sauces right now at Timmies for their chicken wraps – a creamy ranch dressing, and a BBQ sauce one.  I found the BBQ sauce to be the better of the two by a wide margin.  I like that the chicken (strips) provided is quite generous, and that you get some lettuce and tomato wrapped in there.  I found the wrap itself (which is, by default, whole wheat) kind of hard/stale.  If they could heat it up I think this would be a great item.

Cheddar Bagel breakfast sausage sandwich

The Cheddar Bagel has come to Timmies with many ANNOYING commercials announcing its arrival…. Is it worth the hype?  I ordered this breakfast sausage sandwich on the cheddar bagel to test it out, and I couldn’t really taste the cheese in the bagel at all.  I don’t know if this is because there’s already processed cheese on the sandwich (maybe another item would be great with this), but I think it’s got more to do with the fact that the cheddar is only on the top of the bagel, and not mixed within the bagel dough (like what you get at most grocery stores).

English Muffin Sausage Breakfast Sandwich

Another relatively new addition to the breakfast menu is the English muffin!  You’d think that because McD’s has had it the whole time, that Timmies would have also offered their breakfast sandwich on english muffins, eh?  Well, they just started, and I think this is a winner.  It’s denser than the homestyle biscuit, but not as heavy as a bagel – I guess McD’s had it right the whole time.  Very good copycat Tim Hortons!

Strawberry Danish

This sweet little treat is a seasonal promotion.  I recall when Timmies used to offer cute little strawberry tarts, but those were filled with food colouring and were impossible to eat neatly (or maybe that’s just spilly-clumsy me!) – instead, this summer, they seem to be offering a strawberry danish and some kind of strawberry cookie.  I REALLY liked this featured item – the danish is very light and flakey, but not so much so that it crumples into tiny pastry shards like their horrible croissant.  The strawberry filling tastes very natural, it itself is not overly sweet, but the icing drizzled on top ups the sugar content back to normal for a danish.  Also, NO CHEESE in this danish (I don’t particularly like the baker’s cheese anywhere, and especially not the low quality stuff you get in mass-produced items).

So there you go five new Tim Hortons items reviewed – I’m certain this won’t be the last you hear of my Timmies adventures!

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2 Responses to Miscellaneous Tim Hortons items

  1. KimHo says:

    For yogurt, just go to your nearby supermarket and buy a tub of yogurt plus some fresh fruit. Sure, you might pay more than that serving; but you end up 3x the amount of yogurt + fruit, so you have enough for a couple of days… >_<

    Yeah, I wrote about their sandwich compared against the McD's version. And I will have to say I quite like Timmy's! 🙂

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