The (Bottle) Tipper

Sometimes it’s very easy to overlook a restaurant because it is surrounded by totally random stuff, like a barber shop, or an auto mechanic…  That’s pretty much what caused me to be so surprised about The Tipper near the corner of Victoria and Kingsway – not a place you’d expect a funky bistro with eclectic food and live music (apparently) in the evenings.

Hipper than you'd expect at Victoria & Kingsway

Step inside, and you’ll swear you just left Main street or somewhere much trendier.  Lots of dark wood, banquettes and neat lighting, the restaurant looks modern but comfortable.

Inside shot of the bar

Now, as followers of this blog will probably know, we LOVE going out for breakfast – after all, who wants to cook early in the morning on a weekend (and moreover, who wants to clean separate pans for eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns!)  We’ve been to The Tipper twice now, and here are some of the items we’ve ordered on those two, recent, visits.

2 egg & bacon breakfast ($9)

Chris ordered, on both occasions, the 2 egg breakfast, that comes with a few strips of crispy bacon (or sausage, which he hasn’t tried), free range eggs, toast and very crispy hashbrowns.  Everything was well prepared, and Chris enjoyed his meal a lot (obviously since he re-ordered it on the second visit).  I personally find this meal a little expensive for what you get… Oh, and coffee isn’t cheap either, at around $2.38 (oh that crazy HST!)

Mushroom & Cheddar Omelet ($9)

During the first visit, I ordered the Mushroom & Cheddar Omelet.   With lots of slightly sauteed (and buttery!) mushrooms inside and on top of the rolled omelet, and nice sharp cheddar, I found this to be a really tasty, savoury dish.  I also found this particular order surprisingly filling.

Breakfast burrito ($9 on special)

In contrast, however, during the second visit, I ordered the Breakfast burrito, which, when it arrived, I immediately found a little disappointing.  Perhaps I’m used to a much messier version of a “burrito”, or maybe I was expecting all the fillings (scrambled egg, tomato, cheese and avocado) to be mixed together a bit more – to me this was at best a breakfast wrap, not a burrito… And, while the salsa was tasty and fresh with a nice little zing, I found it really hard to incorporate it into the burrito (which, because it was already cut, I ended up eating more like a sandwich).   Without toast, I didn’t feel really full after this dish; I think the uber-crispy hashbrowns weren’t enough without another carb present to fill my personal breakfast carb quotient.

I’m not 100% sold on The Tipper for breakfast, perhaps lunch or dinner would be a better meal (after waking up and not eating for at least 12 hours previously, sometimes quantity is more important to me than quality!).  I will note that service was very good, with the same, very laid back but friendly waitress helping us both times.  I’ll definitely try another meal here in the future…

The Tipper on Urbanspoon

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