Fuji Sushi

I’m almost never in Coquitlam, but whenever Chris has to go to Princess Auto, I’ll come along for the ride (and to give poor directions)!  This past weekend, we were out near North Road & Lougheed around lunch time, so I suggested we go to Fuji Sushi, a very authentic Japanese restaurant in the area that I’d been to before with someone from work.

My terrible "outdoor" shot

Inside, lots of clear cedar surround the sushi bar, where two Itamae were furiously making rolls and sushi for the 6 or 7 tables filled with people.

I was pretty hungry (I’ve been weeding the yard every day and slowly winning the battle), so we ordered a lot of stuff!  We started with a few rolls:

Fuji Special roll ($4.25) and Dynamite roll ($6)

The Fuji Special roll included salmon, “crab”, cucumber in an inside out roll with tobiko.  It was alright, not my favourite.  The Dynamite roll was better, with two tempura shrimp (still hot from the fryer), lettuce and cucumber to provide some crunch in contrast to the the crab (and avocado I think).  Both rolls were HUGE requiring at least two bites – it was a real challenge!

Next up, we ordered the Saba Shioyaki lunch meal, which came with miso soup (we added an extra one for $1), rice, potato salad, and garnishes.

Lunch Saba Shioyaki ($7.50)

This mackerel is so good – first off, look at the size you get – a full filet!  It is grilled perfectly, with lots of salty/charred bits, but the fish still being very moist and oily (in a good way – Vitamin E!).  The rice was well cooked, and the potato salad was pleasant (not strange/fishy like ones we’ve had in China), and the takuan (daikon pickles) were nice and crunchy.  The only thing I wish they’d change is to put more grated daikon on the side of the fish (hidden behind the lemon) – you traditionally eat this by adding soy to the little mound, and it’s like a palate cleanser.

Our final dish was an order of Tenzaru Soba – or Zarusoba with tempura on the side.

Tenzaru Soba ($7.50)

Perfect for a hot day, the zarusoba are soba noodles that are served chilled, with a dipping sauce.  It’s a challenge not to drop the noodles in the sauce for good (and not to stain your white t-shirt with the sauce when slurping the noodles), but it is oh so delicious.  The addition of tempura (two more shrimp, carrot, onion and zucchini) was a nice touch – you use the same dipping sauce for the tempura as the soba.

Stuffed, we ended our meal at 2:30 PM, about 15 minutes after they closed for their mid-day break.  I enjoyed my meal here (again) very much, and will continue to come by whenever Coquitlam calls!

Fuji Sushi on Urbanspoon

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2 Responses to Fuji Sushi

  1. KimHo says:

    The food actually looks good!

    A place you might consider visit and just happens to be near Gold Train Express is Vanya. It used to be Japanese owned/operated; however, recently, it changed hands. The current owner is Chinese-Japanese. From recent reports, it is still good. Volunteer to find out? 🙂

  2. Elaine says:

    Whoa – just checked out the picture on Urbanspoon – that is old school (the font looks more like a TV/VCR repair place than a restaurant!)

    Hey, I’m game for anything… Another place that’s piqued my curiosity is Minoa Greek Taverna near the soccer field; it looks crazy, but I bet it’s pretty great! Would anyone be interested in joining me? 🙂

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