Gold Train Express (Kingsway)

While I’m no princess, I am a bit sketched out by some of the restaurants that some of my fellow bloggers brave going to…  But when Chris says that the crazy looking Pho place with all the neon is actually good, well, I have got to try it!

Open 24 hours near Kingsway & Joyce

We were ready for a late dinner after watching a movie (Toy Story 3 – so good, so many tears!) and a lighter meal of pho sounded perfect.  We looked over the menus and chose our dishes.

Small Pho #1 (rare beef) ($6)

That’s one big small bowl!  My dish of rare beef pho arrived quickly, along with the table salad of thai basil, beansprouts and lime (no chile this time) – which, by they way, looked way nicer than what Kim got about a year and a half ago.

The noodles were really the hit for me – unlike other pho places, the noodles had some chewiness.  Maybe I’ve been unlucky, but everywhere else so far I’ve had noodles that break and feel like there’s absolutely no gluten (just rice flour & water).  This was a very good start.  The beef itself was very tender and incredibly lean.  It cooked nicely in the broth, and I liked that because it was “served” in a “clump” the beef didn’t cook quickly either.

Pho #8 (rare beef & tendon) ($8)

Chris was more adventurous and ordered a pho with rare beef and tendon.  He enjoyed the beef too, and especially like the soft, gelatinous texture of the tendon (he’s one strange anglo-saxon Canadian guy)!  He pointed out that the broth had absolutely no oil on the surface, which I found impressive.

If you are wondering if the colours are off in my pictures above – yes, they sure are.  I’ve tried to adjust the tint as best I could, but here is what I was contending with lighting-wise:

No one looks good under these lights!

Gold Train Express Vietnamese Cuisine (Kingsway) on Urbanspoon

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4 Responses to Gold Train Express (Kingsway)

  1. KimHo says:

    Chris is really an anomaly. 😛

    Well, my pictures actually shows how oily it was so it wasn’t a fluke! Should I go back to check/compare notes?

  2. Elaine says:

    He’ll eat ANYTHING!

    I’d give it another shot maybe, but there’s honestly no shortage of Pho places in GVRD!

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