Red Burrito (Commercial Drive)

I think we’ve established that I generally am a fan of burritos – so, here’s another post!  Red Burrito is a local chain which provides a very small menu of options but seems to have done very well business-wise in the GVRD.

Red Burrito at 1st Avenue and Commercial Drive

Neither location I’ve visited is particularly big, but there are a few tables and chairs where you can eat inside.  This most recent visit was during lunch, and the lineup was kind of crazy, so I took my food to go.

I ordered a spicy beef burrito on whole wheat ($5.95), with pretty much all the free toppings (no onions or corn), and upgrading it with cheese for $1 more.  I saw trouble as the server behind the counter struggled to wrap the burrito tightly…

Yes folks, that is a big tear in the burrito fabric… I’m a mess in the best of times, and now, with a leaky burrito, I was a stained disaster. 😦

EXTREME CLOSEUP - Spicy Beef Burrito

As for the burrito itself, despite being leaky, it was great.  The beef is super tender and really heavily seasoned (in a good way), the rice and beans both have upheld their texture, the addition of cilantro and lime adds a lot of brightness to the wrap, and the lettuce and fresh tomato salsa add crunch.  This was the first time I asked for cheese on my burrito, skeptical of adding on costs, but you really taste the feta-like queso fresco amongst all the other ingredients.

This huge lunch was under $10, so while not quite as cheap as other places, it kept me full until way past supper time.

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2 Responses to Red Burrito (Commercial Drive)

  1. Meli says:

    Why did you change the banner at the top of your website. I loved seeing you, your husband and your dog!

    • Elaine says:

      I suppose this site became more and more about food, and definitely less about “adventures in living simply” 🙂

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