No. 1 Beef Noodle House

As promised, here is the newest place that I’ve tried for Taiwanese beef noodle soup: No 1 Beef Noodle House!

On Willingdon south of Moscrop

This place is just a few blocks away from our new house, so I was really hoping it would be at least as good as Beefy Beef Noodle, and given that it’s in the same chain, this was a pretty sure bet.  We arrived just after 6 PM, and the place was busy but not full, however by the end of our meal, I think there were folks waiting for tables!

Chris isn’t that fond of beef noodle soup, so instead her ordered the Crispy Salty Peppery Chicken with Noodle in Soup.  Not only is that a lot of adjectives to put into a dish description, I get a total kick out of their use of a preposition too!  Anyhow, at $7.25, this is a pretty huge meal!

Crisp Salty Peppery Chicken and Noodle in Soup ($7.25)

The chicken was crispy, salty and peppery as promised – with no oily/greasy texture at all.  Chris really liked the broth of this soup in comparison to the previous beef broth – this was less salty, but still with good chicken (and mushroom?) flavour.

Beef Brisket Noodle and Wontons in Soup ($7.95)

I wanted to stay true to the essence of the restaurant, so I ordered the Beef Brisket Noodle & Wontons in Soup.  I found the broth to be less strong than at Beefy Beefy, but not necessarily in a bad way.  I think I’ve been spoiled by Lao Shan Dong because I found the noodles here kind of soft, without any ridges to really pull in the soup (if that makes any sense).  There was a lot of brisket/shank, but the really notable thing here were the wontons.  Nice and plump, each one of these was well made, and gently ladled into the soup (no torn up horrible canned wonton soup shards everywhere – ew!)

Shanghai Style Dumpling (pork) $5.25

We also ordered some Xiao Long Bao – oh wait – “Shanghai Style Dumplings” 🙂  I was very unimpressed with these, they look pretty bad, especially with the weird meat goop that came out of them.  Scrapping this off, the dumplings were still juicy, but weren’t delicious… stay tuned for a future post on a great place for XLB!

Chocolate Condensed Milk Toast ($3.95)

Now, as if that wasn’t enough food already – we also ordered desert!  We’d never had any of these toasts dishes at bubble tea or TBN places, so that’s what we decided to have.   We found the yummiest sounding one: Chocolate (&) Condensed Milk Toast.  This was something else!  I was pretty weirded out by the fact that this was pretty much just buttered toast with Nuttella and Carnation milk on top, but somehow it worked.  It was sweet (but not too sweet), and cakey.  I think I liked it… I think I’d like other flavours even more though!

OMG - parking nightmare!

We paid (cash only) and left so that some other poor souls without our famed Restaurant Karma could have dinner.  When we went out to the parking lot, we saw the above – yes, that is a double-parked sedan, and, on top of that, a further double-parked silver minivan… TRIPLE PARKED?  Next time, we’ll walk! 🙂

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