Moxies (Robson)

We had a very productive weekend, filled with lots of manual labour (cleaning, gardening, dumping trash) and a great supper that I’ll post about later.  To cap off our weekend, our thoughts turned to something sweet.  We had walked from Gastown down Granville, and then all the way to Robson & Thurlow, where we found Moxies.

Chris was in the mood for the white chocolate blondie that we’ve had several times back in Edmonton (the sad land of chain restaurants).  I was okay with that, and afterall my feet were killing me, so I was glad that we finally found somewhere to have desert.

But walking wasn’t done quite yet, we had two flights of stairs to go up, and just a few steps ahead of us, two ladies were greeted by the hostess, who went outside in her
“LBD” (little black dress) to open the door for them, and lead them into the dining room.  We, on the other hand, were not worth the trouble, it seemed, and not only did we have to open our own door, we waited at the hostess station for a good 2 minutes before anyone came back to see us.  We asked to see the desert menu, and the “blondie” was still available, so we chose an outdoor seat, and settled in.

Another waitress in a LBD came by to see if we wanted anything to drink, Chris asked for a coffee, and I, a water.  We needed some more time to look over the desert options.  When the coffee arrived, I asked for the Sticky Toffee Pudding ($7) and Chris, of course, got the White Chocolate Blondie ($8).  We sat back, watching some insipid dirt bike drifting race on the wonky-coloured TV and waited for our desert.

Coffee service at Moxies

And waited.


After about 20 minutes without seeing our desert, we weren’t sure what was going on.  A waitress (not sure if she was ours, or some other girl – they all look identical), took away another table’s nachos, and much later, brought the bill for a mom & daughter  who had eaten spaghetti.

I think it must have been a good 40 minutes from the time that we had settled in that some other waitress finally came to us and said the following:  “I’m really sorry guys, your waitress and the kitchen had a mix up, and this table inside made me cry, so she told me to come out here, if you still want your desert, it’ll only take a second.  Do you want your desert?”

NOT ONLY did our order get completed f&#@&’d up, I found that the “explanation” that was offered as a shallow excuse made me more upset than anything else.  If it really only takes “a second” to get us desert, why the h!%* did it take you 40 minutes to screw it up, leave us wondering what was going on, and honestly, waste our evening.

We politely declined her offer, and she said not to worry about the coffee.  We picked up our bags & jackets, and left.  We passed 2 other LBD’d waitresses on the way out – none of them said goodbye or acknowledged our presence.

Now – I know things can get rough from time to time in a restaurant, but the place – on a Sunday night – was far from busy, and if a customer is giving you a hard time, you go get the manager to have them take care of it for you.  I know, *I’m a manager* it is my job to take the complaints and mediate sticky situations.  And even if something bad happened, the restaurant doesn’t come grinding to a halt.  THERE IS NO EXCUSE for what happened to us tonight.


I didn’t have that high of expectations of Moxies to start with – given the faux chic decor, and their run-of-the mill menu.  I knew that waitresses are probably hired for how nice they look in their dresses rather than their genuine customer service skills and food knowledge.  I also know that you’re effectively paying for “rent” at the Robson location so you can people watch from a pretty prime location.  BUT AT LEAST YOUR NORMALLY GET FOOD.

We were not alone tonight, at least 4 other tables received the same TERRIBLE SERVICE that we experienced.

Rant over.

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3 Responses to Moxies (Robson)

  1. KimHo says:

    Should I start thinking of conspiracy theories as to what happened? Like… Didn’t spend enough? Not fitting their “preferred” customer profile? Or should be go to the “classic” excuse of they bein clueless in the grand scheme of things? Oh, well, and people keep asking me why I don’t like places like this…

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  3. Meli says:

    That’s a shame. I’ve been to this same location soley for dessert and the service was great. Those LBD girls do annoy me, I think we can blame Cactus Club for starting the trend. A tip, try their dessert sampler. Small bites of 3 different desserts and it tastes great. Agreed though that they should have just comped you dessert after making you wait so long. They shouldn’t piss off food bloggers ;o)

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