ABC Country Restaurant

Chris had been putting an awful lot of energy into making sure we have lunches for work, which is great and very thoughtful of him.  I’ve been working hard on the garden and the yard (which until very recently was a sea of bright yellow dandelions… fun).  Despite all these best intentions, we’ve really slipped in the department of cooking at home.  Going out all the time may be fun, but it can get pricey.  So when I got coupons for buy-one-get-one-half-off dinners at ABC Country Restaurant, I stashed those away for an emergency cheap dinner out.

At the corner of Boundary and Lougheed

We headed over to the nearest location, which happens to be attached to a hotel at Boundary & Lougheed (near Highway 1).  It didn’t seem very busy when we went in, we were shown to our tables, given menus and water, and were left to consider the options.   A little while later, our waitress came by, she took our orders, and then we didn’t really see her, or anyone else come to help us for a while… It wasn’t that we were ignored, it was just that it seemed to take a very long time to get food ready.  Perhaps the many TV’s around the room showing the evening news also made time feel like it took longer than normal, or the fact that many people were having dinner alone (and not talking) which made the place kind of quiet… Anyhow, after some time, here’s what we got (and at least we *got* food after the wait).

3 Piece Fish & Chips meal ($12.99)

Chris ordered one of their promotions, which was a 3 Piece Fish & Chips meal.  With three big pieces, it wasn’t surprising that there was quite a thick coat of breading on these fillets.  The fish within was well cooked and flakey, but not really seasoned.  Chris had to track down the waitress for vinegar (which should com automatically with any fish & chips order in my books).  The fries below were crisp, but not particularly notable.  The one unique thing was the coleslaw; it included raisins – what a great idea!

Portabella Chicken Burger w. fries ($11.99)

I ordered the Portabella Chicken Burger also with fries.   This was a pretty big sandwich, which required quite a bit of squashing to eat properly.  The two slices of tomato plus the chargrilled chicken breast made for a very juicy/drippy burger (but that’s pretty standard messy eating for me!).  I was quite impressed by the amount of brie included in the burger, the cheese was actually quite nice, and melted to just the right consistency.  The portebello mushroom slices were big too, but needed to be sauteed more to really develop their flavour.


I had ordered gravy to go with the fries, which made them a bit more palatable.  Again, I found they were too crispy, and not really great.  I’d switch up for a salad next time I think.  I’m not sure Chris would order the fish & chips again, but honestly, I was quite impressed with my sandwich – surprisingly well done ABC!  With the coupon, I felt this was a decent dinner.  Now if they could only speed things up a tiny bit…

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