Eating @ SFU: Plum (or Plum Garden Noodle House?)

Amongst all the eateries at SFU, there is one where I would have a hard time telling you what it’s called… See there’s an awning with nothing on it.  The window advertises all sorts of specials form “Fresh, homemade healthy meals” to “Happy place”.  Strange, intriguing…

"Affordable Prices / Happy Place"

Inside, the restaurant’s identity is a bit more apparent.  Despite the fact that they share the dining area with Pearl Fever bubble tea, the signs do seem to indicate this place is called Plum, or, Plum Garden Noodle House.

See... it is called Plum!

The single counter serves as the order desk, the hot table for prepared items, and the take-out area.  It’s tiny, but they get a lot done here.  I have only ordered freshly prepared items, but they do seem to put care into their dishes assembled from hot table items (all bizarrely named, for whatever reason, “Happy Box”).

The line moves quickly, and the staff are very friendly and seem quite happy to be serving students.  Prices are definitely student-oriented, which is great!  Oh, and they take debit, which is even more fantastic!

Dan Dan Noodles ($6)

The Dan Dan Noodles were delicious – a perfect combination of chewy noodles, fresh green onion, spicy-as-hell Szechwan peppers, some minced beef, and just a little sauce. The serving wasn’t huge, but it was filling enough for a lighter lunch.

Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup ($7)

The Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup that I got on another occasion was also good – but no where as delicious as Lao Shan Dong.  The noodles weren’t chewy at all, in fact they broke easily.  The beef was a little tough, and the broth very mild compared to other beef noodle places.  I appreciated the thought behind offering bits of green veggies and the shredded carrot, but I just didn’t think this worked well with the soup.

Anyhow, this place *isn’t* on Urbanspoon yet, but it’s real, it’s open every school day for sure, and at least the Dan Dan Noodles were pretty awesome!

Plum on Urbanspoon

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