Loofah Diaries – Part 4 (and Garden update!)

In the ongoing saga of the slowest-growing plant I’ve ever worked on, I think that the container is the party to blame.

We went from small, fat-leaved cotelydons to this spry looking squash.

Loofah! Transplanted

Yes, it has been several weeks, but the fact that when I transplanted this seedling about a week ago, it was just the 5 leaves down at the base of the plant.  As soon as I took its overgrown root ball out of the small container, it took off!  So, lesson learned – Loofahs like big containers.

Now, those tendrils are dying to hug something, and after seeing the price of prefab trellis or even tomato cages, I decided to create something out of sticks and twine.

Loofah Central!

Yup – that’s three dried-out branches, plus the badly paint-chipped post from our unused parking pad, about 10 feet of jute twine, and some hacked macramé skills.  I’m pretty confident this should do the trick for at least this next stage of growth.

(Yes, there are tomato cages in this picture, but these were salvaged from the “trash” we found at our old rental house).

As for the rest of the garden, it’s looking pretty great!


My radicchios are starting to “radicchioize” – that is, turn into tight, cabbage-like heads.

Hot Peppers

My hot peppers finally have flowers, so I’m hopeful they’ll bear fruit soon!


All the squashes are doing well – except the puny dill pickle cucumbers who look like crumpled kleenex.  The peas who also live in squashworld are doing well – I also macraméd up a trellis for them.

Bath Grape with sticks & twine

I did the same for the grape plant – developing only horizontal lines upon which in can grow.

I *really* need to remove the labels!

Finally, I’ve got my apple tree which I planted last weekend.  It has settled nicely, and is drinking water like no one’s business.  I have no illusions re: the apple and grape not providing fruit this year – though I do hope they both live through the winter unscathed.

Other plants which I haven’t taken pictures of are all doing well too.  I’m mighty impressed with how well everything (except for two tomato plants) have taken this year.  Next year, given that we won’t have to move (fingers crossed!) I’ll be able to start more things from seeds.

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One Response to Loofah Diaries – Part 4 (and Garden update!)

  1. Your garden looks great! I can’t wait to see your radicchios grow and see what will you cookout of it. My garden is doing well and my hot peppers really love the sun.

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