Turkish Donair

Sometimes all you want is a quick lunch – which is what I was feeling like late on Saturday afternoon.  Having spent the morning doing housework, then getting to chat with Kim, I was ready to go run errands, but knew I’d need something to eat before long… Enter Turkish Donair:

Turkish Donair at Gilmore & Hastings (in serious need of a pressure washer)

After getting a not-so-great feeling from another, nearby restaurant, we ventured into Turkish Donair as the placed smelled pretty fantastic.  The only person working the restaurant seemed to be able to keep up with taking orders, preparing food, and ringing up bills seamlessly.  There were a few other patrons in the restaurant when we arrived, but several more came & went, either for takeout or to stay in the small (rather garishly decorated) dining area.

Nothing is over $10, not even the platers

I ordered a small Lebanese Lamb Donair which, at $5 certainly was affordable.

Small Lebanese Lamb Donair ($5)

Prepared quickly, this donair was pretty chocked-full of good stuff, including big pieces of iceberg lettuce, tomato, onion, some tabouleh, and just a little tatziki.  Oh, and hot sauce with kick!  The lamb itself was really well spiced, with a pretty fine-ground texture.  The pita was warmed just a little (maybe by being kept to the hot cooking elements?) and quite tender with just enough “chewy” texture.  I, proudly, didn’t drip a single drop of sauce!

EXTREME CLOSEUP - Lebanese Lamb Donair

Chris ordered the large falafel wrap which, for around $5, was also fairly priced.  I was a bit surprised that the pre-cooked, microwaved falafel patties held their crispy texture.  They were probably homemade, given that they had a much coarser texture than any other falafel I’ve tried before, but I still liked my order better.

Turkish Donair on Urbanspoon

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