Kingsway Sushi

Sometimes you’re just hungry.  While I do value the skill and discipline offered in traditional Japanese and sushi restaurants, on this particular evening, we were simply starving, and Kingsway Sushi looked like the perfect way to get a big meal, in short order, with plenty of variety to boot.

We’ve been here at least once before and were pleased with how efficiently the restaurant is run.  Lots and lots of waiters help get the food out quickly, and the digital ordering pads help ensure that (almost) everything ordered actually gets delivered.

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The one thing I’ll note is that Kingsway Sushi isn’t the cheapest of places – at $21.95, it is definitely more expensive than ordering a combo meal elsewhere, and depending on your attitude towards AYCE, it could be too expensive for some to be worth it.

Round 1

Round 1

In our “first round” of ordering, we started of simply:  Edamame were okay, though served cold/cool with no salt.  They weren’t over-boiled though which would have been worse.  The Miso soup was actually quite nice, with lots of cloudy miso paste and small pieces of tofu.

Round 1 (con't)

We also started our ordering with some rolls – Chris ordered the BC Roll which he found to be quite excellent (there was a lot of salmon meat attached to the crispy skin).  I had ordered House Roll which came with salmon, tuna, krab, (supposedly avocado, but I think they substituted lettuce) and tamago (egg).  I didn’t care of this roll too much – the cheaper krab and egg took over the texture of the roll.

Round 2

Round 2

In our next round of ordering, we got some nigiri sushi – specifically the wild salmon sushi, some inari (for me!) and tako.  The octopus was paper thin, but Chris enjoyed the texture.  I loved the inari, but there’s really nothing to making this sushi other than cutting the sweet beancurd skin in half and not overstuffing it with rice.  The wild salmon sushi was quite good.  I had ordered 4 Gyoza to go with this round, sadly only 2 arrived.  They were well grilled, but mostly stuffed with cabbage.

Round 2 (con't)

We also got a hand roll each; I enjoyed the crisp nori and the creamy spicy tuna in my cone.  Chris ordered the spicy scallop cone which was also very creamy, though with the sauce not mixed in, I’m not sure how balanced this one would have been.

Round 3

Round 3

More rolls in our next round – Chris got more BC rolls and one sad little Hokkigai sashimi (surf clam).  I ordered the Dynamite roll which, though thin, was quite good with double hot tempura shrimps being the stars here.

Round 4

Round 5

Round 4

Getting tired of rice, I went for more “main course” items in the next round.  An order of Veggie Udon was a nice option – the noodles were good and chewy, but the broth was quite weak.  The Yam Tempura was well fried, with a surprisingly thin & puffy batter.  I think I would have liked the Beef Teriyaki better on stir fried noodles or fried rice – the sauce was just too heavy & sweet.  Chris ordered more wild salmon sushi, another hand roll, and dynamite roll for himself.

Round 5

Somewhere amongst this, I had ordered Agedashi Tofu, which was crazy hot from the deep fryer.  Similarly hot, was Chris’ Oyster Motoyaki in what became Round 5 for him.

Round 5 (con't)

Adding on the only previously forgotten item of the meal – Ebi Sunomono – capped off the main meal for Chris.  I ordered a few more gyoza to bring my total back up to my originally-requested 4, and called it a day.  Chris enjoyed the very solid but sweet Mango pudding, while I passed on that dessert.

Sure, an item here or there was temporarily forgotten, but in contrast to other places, the errors seemed to be honest omissions (and not “forgetting” expensive items like sashimi).  There were so many waiters around, all checking on us regularly to see if we wanted to order anything else, or refilling tea/water, I felt well taken care of.  Did my meal really constitute $22 worth of food? Probably not.  But I do love the variety, and that was more than worth it for me on that particular night.

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3 Responses to Kingsway Sushi

  1. koji says:

    the top gun group has a discount card that offers 10% off the AYCE sushi, i don’t remember how much it is, but you make back the cost from the discounts quite easily.

  2. Meli says:

    You guys dont’ like sashimi?… Looks like lots of carbs. And you didn’t try any of the sundae style sushi? Those are pretty good. Don’t buy the 10% discount card you have to go there a lot for it to be worthwhile, no point. Have you tried Ninkazu in Richmond? I think they have the best gyoza’s of any AYCE.

  3. Elaine says:

    Hey Meli – I do love my carbs 🙂 Sashimi has never been particularly high on my “to order” list after being overwhelmed by really big, thick, pieces.

    I did ask about the “Hawaiian Flame Sundae” style sushi but was kind of repulsed by the description of pineapple and salmon! Is there any you’d specifically recommend?

    Also thanks for the recommendation re: Ninkazu – that’ll go on my “to try” list!

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