Eating @ SFU: Triple O’s

I’m not from out West.  I understand that this may be the reason that I find White Spot (and its express-version Triple O’s) to be pretty crummy.  I’ve tried lots of stuff at White Spot in the past, including their breakfasts (which are just okay), to pasta entrees (meh), to something even more “out there” – the shrimp salad club (yuck!).  I don’t even care for their burgers, what with the glommy Triple O sauce and the insane idea of putting a wet, vinegary slice of pickle on top of the bun which everyone removes, of coures (causing your entire tactile experience of the burger to be nasty, or worse yet, when they balance the pickle on top of the *wrapped burger* WTF!?)

Anyhow, the reason why I paid yet another visit to Triple O’s on campus today was not to “give them another chance”, but rather because they seem to be the only outlet at SFU that offers poutine.    That’s right folks, not even the campus pub, or the cafeteria-style Mackenzie Cafe offer poutine…  In my opinion, that’s a sad sad state of affairs.

Poutine $3.99

So – I lined up at the somewhat irregular cue, and the paid a $0.25 surcharge to use Interac.  What came before me was pipping hot, and a good size for the price.

The fries were a bit too big for my tastes – the potato a bit to mealy.  The gravy was good, and it melted the cheese curds just enough.  The overall dish wasn’t quite salty enough though, I had to sprinkle a bit when I got back to my desk.

Now – I do have another major complaint re: White Spot.  Their to-go items are over packaged.  The rigid plastic drink cups are ridiculous!   And this poutine included a terrifying amount of unneeded waste:  heavily packaged pre-measured individually-sized packages of cheese curds, a pressed styrofoam container (pictured above) held the fries, and I had to specifically tell the server not to give me the rigid clear plastic lid.  Glad I had a fork at the office.

Sure, the poutine was okay, but what with the waste and the $0.25 interact fee, I’d rather wait out my future poutine cravings for better places.

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2 Responses to Eating @ SFU: Triple O’s

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  2. jonhoog says:

    bitchy review lady; take it easy its white spot not a god damn paris bistro

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