The Winking Judge Pub

I had some not-so-enjoyable business to do downtown yesterday for work, but as one plus, work ended up paying for my lunch.

In a semi-related turn of events, we ended up at The Winking Judge Pub on Burrard and Smithe.  The long and narrow dining room was a bit hard to navigate, but our group of three was able to find a quieter table to sit and chat at.

Inside The Winking Judge

The waitress was there quite quickly and got us some waters and menus.  We didn’t have much time, but I thought that a more substantial meal than just a burger or salad would be nice.

My friend – let’s call him “Captain Planet” – and I both ordered the Bangers and Mash.

Bangers & Mash ($12.95)

Served in a shallow bowl-plate (“blate”? “powl”?) the ground pork sausages were strangely positioned like rays of a sun sticking out from the large portion of mashed yukon gold potatoes.  Also, those sausages are kind of little – they were just slightly hidden by the mash.  Nevermind the appearance, the sausages themselves were quite good, with a nicely browned exterior, good “snap” from natural casing, and a slightly coarser ground texture that wasn’t too fatty which made me think these were probably made specifically for the restaurant.  The gravy was really good, plentiful with lots of soft-cooked onions.  The mashed potatoes were very tasty too, but super dense from the large quantity of cream and butter in them that gave them a silky texture.  I’m not easily outdone by a carb, but I had enough about halfway through this plateful (luckily Captain Planet gave the rest of my dish a good home).

My other friend – Ms. G – ordered the Margherita Pizza.  While I didn’t take a picture of it – I should have.  It was strangely square (!), but the crust looked extremely crispy as it should for this kind of pizza.  The only other thing I noticed about it was that there was quite a bit of sauce, causing the toppings to slide off way too easily.  At $8.95, I’d say it was a fair price for the dish.

One more thing I should note about The Winking Judge was that I swear I saw that certain dishes on the menu were labeled with a sort of double cross symbol – I think I saw on the bottom of the menu that this represented a “2 for 1 special before 5 PM”.  If this was the case, then we definitely didn’t get one of the two bangers & mash dishes for free…  I wish I had reviewed this better, but unfortunately I was pretty preoccupied.  Anyways, since we didn’t order any drinks or appetizers, I think the overall cost of the lunch wasn’t bad.

Deal or no deal?

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