Gilmore Restaurant

Chris spotted a restaurant in the Hastings’ Heights area recently – the first thing he said was “family restaurant” which made the Gilmore Restaurant a must for us to visit.  We love the cozy, homey atmosphere of family restaurants – they just feel like the kind of place you can easily become a regular at, and turn to for a guaranteed comfort-food experience when you’re too tired to cook.

On Hastings, east of Boundary

This place definitely shows its age.  The place was clean and homey for sure, but I have to be honest – the tape-covered rips in the chairs’ upholstery and the framed 80’s executive posters definitely gave me a bad vibe.  I was worried we had crossed the line from kitchy to downright bad.

The decore is not the highlight here...

The waitress (possibly proprietress) came to greet us – she was a sweet older lady who reminded me very much of the charming lady who worked at the Brave Bull.  Perhaps the $8.95 steak special also helped make that connection between the Gilmore and the Brave Bull for us 🙂

10 oz Top Sirlion, with potato option, soup/salad/tomato juice $8.95

Yes folks – this giant steak, plus the garlic bread, corn, baked potato, and a bowl of soup (or salad, or tomato juice – so old school!) was just $8.95.  Chris loved the steak – it was perfectly rare as he had ordered it, and nicely seared on the outside.

I ordered something a little lighter – a Clubhouse sandwich.

Clubhouse sandwich w. fries ($6.95)

This was a mighty fine sandwich – well balanced with a good amount of crispy bacon, turkey, fresh lettuce, tomato, and a good amount of mayo to make sure the overall result wasn’t dry.  The fries were okay, and what they maybe lacked in seasoning they made up for in super-sized quantity 🙂

I was pleasantly surprised to see that there were quite a few people having dinner on a Sunday evening – they too have transcended the looks of the place for the generous portions and charming old-fashioned service.

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4 Responses to Gilmore Restaurant

  1. Ben says:

    Great find, Elaine. This is the sort of places I would love. Am gonna go try that $9 steak one day. Ben

  2. Elaine says:

    Hi Ben – they had other steak specials too at pretty riddiculously-low prices. I look forward to seeing what you think! 🙂

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