Salty Tongue

Another work-related outing… This time an early morning pre-meeting meeting again with my most dedicated volunteer, Captain Planet.  We met at Salty Tongue before, but this time he suggested breakfast.  For me, I either have some kind of fancy coffee for breakfast or a hand-held delight from Starbucks or Tim Hortons.

Inside Salty Tongue

Look familiar? Yup, this is the same long table where we ate at the Irish Heather last fall! 🙂  So, with the same funky but casual decore, I really should focus on the food.  I ordered their breakfast sandwich.

Breakfast Sandwich ($4)

It may not look overly fancy, but with nicely toasted multigrain bread, a bit of super-crispy bacon, a free-range egg, and best of all, sharp cheddar with grainy mustard and a bit of mayo, this was a delicious sandwich.  It really was the mustard + cheese that made it for me.

I wouldn’t normally rave about a $4 breakfast sandwich, but in contrast to the extremely expensive cupcake I had later on that day, this now seems like a bargain!  If I would suggest anything, perhaps a few grapes or other fruit garnish would round out both the look of the plate and the food-groups of this dish.

Folks behind the counter were super nice.  They are always friendly here which is probably why their clientele is made up of so many regulars (and heck, I have no idea how anyone in downtown gets any work done with so many great food options around here! 🙂 )

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