Stella’s (Commercial Drive)

Another weekend – another opportunity for brunch!

We had found our way to Commercial Drive and were somewhat wandering around trying to think of what we’d like for breakfast.  We are big fans of Bandidas, but thought it was time to branch out.  We went further and further North until we stumbled upon Stella’s at the corner of William and Commercial.  With a nice sun-dappled patio and some interesting things on the breakfast menu, we decided to give it a shot.

Seated outside, we looked over the menu.  Coffees were ordered, which took a little time to come, but we soon settled in and had a good look over the excellent-looking brunch offerings.

Brunch menu - click on picture for better resolution version

Chris ordered the Stella’s Breakfast.  Coming with two free range eggs, hashbrowns, toast, and his choice of sausage (Chris wisely chose the duck sausage), it was a good deal for $8.50.

Stella's Breakfast ($8.50)

The eggs were perfectly over-easy as per Chris’ request.  The hashbrowns which were the cube-style ones (yay!) were hot, and well fried.  They were coated with some kind of paprika-heavy seasoning mix which we liked, but I could see it being overwhelming for others.  The duck sausage was really the star of the show here: slightly wild/gamey, and with a coarser but well-ground texture, it was delicious.  They wisely chose to cut it up after cooking so that it wasn’t too greasy either.

The only down side for Chris’ dish was that there was only one piece of toast.  We ordered more, which came with a $2 price tag (pretty expensive for bread!).  Lesson learned.

As for me, I picked one of their fritatas, which honestly are just unfolded omelettes.

Bangers & Mash Frittata ($12)

The Bangers & Mash Frittata was a big meal.  The frittata itself was at least 6-inches across and filled with mushrooms, cheddar, hashbrowns, and once again, excellently prepared andouille sausage.  While a little on the “well done” end of cooked, I enjoyed this combination of ingredients quite a bit.  The hashbrowns were plentiful, and the mixed greens were a great, fresh addition.

With the toast, coffees, tax & tip, this was one of the more expensive breakfasts we’ve had on Commercial Drive, but it was very good nonetheless.  While I found service a little slow (e.g. bringing coffee refills, then having to ask for cream and waiting for it for a bit), I think this would be an excellent place for a more leisurely late dinner.  We’ll definitely come back to try their tapas and some drinks.

Stella's Tap & Tapas Bar on Urbanspoon

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