Dutch Girl Chocolates

Amidst the second hand clothing stores and crazy boutiques at the north end of the “good” part of Commercial Drive, my eyes zeroed in on the sign Dutch Girl Chocolates.  I told Chris, “We’re crossing the road and going in there!” 🙂

Just south of Venables on Commercial

In past the toffee-coloured ribbons in the doorway we went, and found a plethora of old-timey and northern-European candies in this cute little shop.


The place is packed to the gunnels with goodies – I would have loved to spend tons of time looking around, though maybe it was the vibe from the store clerk there, but I felt like I had the responsibilty to buy something.

So, I chose two Earl Grey & Honey Truffles.  What shape do you think something so British would come in, given that this is a “Dutch” candy shop?


Uh…. 🙂  Okay, so maybe they got stuck with some crazy candy molds, but I was sold on the idea of the flavour.  After paying just under $2 a pop, I took my milk-chocolate truffle outside (Chris got the dark chocolate version).

Yummy filling!

This was amazing… The truffle centre was super creamy with a perfect balance of Bergamot (for the Earl Grey flavour) and honey.  Nothing overpowered anything, and the quality of the chocolate was very very good.  I took that first nibble and was surprised by how good the flavours worked together in practice (even better than what I had imagined in my head), then popped the rest of the piece in my mouth to let it melt away.  So yummy!

I’m sorry, my dear readers, that I only ate one piece of chocolate – I think it is my duty to you to go back and try a whole bunch more!  🙂

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