Kam’s Place

Our original plan was to go grab some dinner prior to the Stompin’ Tom show on Davie at a brasserie… but, when we got there, the place was packed.  My poor choice in footwear made me absolutely not want to walk anymore, so we traced back our steps to a colourful little storefront that looked really interesting on previous walk-pasts.

Just beyond Burrard on Davie

Kam’s Place was quite dark inside, but prettily decorated with lots of colourful artifacts on the walls.  There were lots more waiters around than I would have thought they’d have on staff for an early dinner crowd, but the place was also quite busy.  We looked over the menus, and also picked some drinks.

Singapore Sling ($6.75)

While Chris ordered a beer on tap ($5.25), I decided to get something a bit more tropical!  I know that a Singapore Sling sounds like the most stereotypical thing you could order at a Singaporean restaurant, but having actually been to Singapore years ago, I can attest to the fact that the Sling is a true Singaporean drink!  It was invested in one of the fanciest hotels in the downtown core nearly 100 years ago.  This version was a decent cocktail, with grenadine, orange juice, pineapple juice, some soda, and gin.

As for food, we ordered a lot!

Lettuce Wraps ($7.95)

We started off with the Spicy (Vegetarian/Tofu) Lettuce Wraps.  At just under $8 these were a bargain.  I love lettuce wraps (I’ll order them whenever I see them on a menu – I get the same reaction, by they way, to Osso Bucco and Creme Brule 🙂 ) and found these to be excellent.  The fried noodles weren’t greasy at all, the veggies were crunchy and well sauced already, and the additional sauce was excellent – some kind of soy/hoisin variation.  See that big head of lettuce – that was not hollowed out at all – you got tons of lettuce, thus avoiding a pet peeve of mine where you don’t have a good ratio of fillings to wraps!

Nasi Goreng ($10.95)

Attap Green Curry Chicken ($10.95)

For our main course, we ordered the Nasi Goreng and the Attap Green Curry Chicken.

The fried rice dish of Nasi Goreng was huge!  I was shocked by how big and how deep this bowl was!  I was also thrilled because the rice was fantastic!  Just slightly sweet with kecap manis (dark, sweet Indonesian soy sauce), loaded with tender shrimp, peas, and bits of pork, I would consider this perfect comfort food.  The rice was perfectly cooked, and not too broken up which is notable for fried rice.

The Attap Green Curry Chicken didn’t look anywhere as big when it first came to the table, but beneath the thin but flavourful sauce, there were lots of pieces of chicken breast, veggies and even tofu puff (my favourite!).

Nothing was particularly spicy, and everything worked pretty well together (though I felt a bit bad putting the green curry over the nasi goreng!).  We struggled to finish everything off as we couldn’t take leftovers to the show, and there was no way we were leaving this delicious food to waste!  A pretty excellent meal if I can say so!

Kam's Place on Urbanspoon

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