Apple Cinnamon Donut @ Tim Hortons

I have a ton of work to do and have seriously been ignoring this blog for too long (I must have at least 20 restaurants to post, including a stint of Seattle eateries), however, the silence has been broken thanks to Tim Hortons announcement that the APPLE CINNAMON DONUT is back!

Happy Elaine!

The Apple Cinnamon Donut is by far my favourite donut.  I would always order it back when it still was a mainstay at Timmies.  It didn’t look like what I’m holding above, but rather like this:


Yup – that was my favourite thing ever – apple pie-filling inside the yeast donut, covered with cinnamon and powdered sugar like a jelly donut.  Totally divine.    Timmies stopped carrying the Apple Cinnamon donut about 4 years ago – first out west, then lastly in Toronto.  I think the last one of these I had was in 2007 in Toronto over a Christmas break.  Those were good times.

So, when I saw on the Timmies website (whose Tim Card reload portal is still broken – boo!) advertising their seasonal special as “It’s apple time” I grabbed my keys and travel mug, and headed over to the new self-serve kiosk at SFU:

Cash only!

There it was – looking very different than its previous version.  Instead of a jelly-style donut, this was very similar to the Old Fashion Sugar donut.  It had no apple-flavour on the inside at all, just soft, cakey donut.   On the outside, the sugar was strangely apple-flavoured, with some cinnamon and plain sugar flavour.

Inside of Apple Cinnamon Donut

So, while this wasn’t a perfect donut, it did come close, albeit in a strange “apple sugar???” way to my old favourite.

And worry not folks – I’ll be back soon with lots more food posts!

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