PanDa Fresh Bakery

I stumbled upon one of the new Vancouver street food carts today! After wandering around in Kits, then enjoying Granville Island, I took one of the mini ferries across to Dr. David Lam park. It was there that I spotted the mini bus that serves as the PanDa Fresh Bakery food stall!

Surprise find near Dr. David Lam Park!

I was quite surprised by the offerings – croissants as street food? Hmm…

I chose the very sweet-sounding S’more Croissant ($4) and observed as the young man in the bus reached into the oven of the full-sized stove that was located right behind where the driver’s seat was!

Yup - that's an oven in the bus!

Getting a hot croissant out of the oven, he prepared it with lots of grated dark chocolate, mini marshmallows, and the genius of adding a lady finger cookie which added some great “crunch” to the treat.

It tasted great! The croissant itself was good (flakey and warm, but not buttery), but I think I liked the filling more overall.

S'More Croissant ($4)

A pretty crazy idea for street food, and definitely hard to eat, but very fun!

PanDa Fresh Bakery on Urbanspoon

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