Pho Nhuan

A rainy day is always a good time for pho. A few weeks ago (yes, I am so behind on posting – I know!) Chris suggested I try a little place near Rupert Skytrain station that he had visited once previously himself.  I must admit, while I know that some “hole in the wall” places offer some mighty good food, I was a bit apprehensive when I saw this tiny restaurant.

Just near Grandview Highway & Rupert

The place was very busy when we arrived at around 2 PM on a weekend afternoon – good sign!  We looked over the menu and nothing rang in over $10, which is good, because this was a cash-only establishment.  Chris was definitely hungry, having done a bunch of work around the house earlier that day – I was less so.  Here’s what we ordered:

#35 Shredded pork & spring roll vermicelli bowl ($7.45)

Chris’ Bun was filled with goodies, including two spring rolls (bonus!) and lots of fresh veggies.  The shredded pork was tasty and a little different than what you see elsewhere.

#3 Rare & well-done beef flank in noodle soup (small, $5.45)

My pho was pretty solid – good amount of noodles, thin and tender beef, the side salad was overly plentiful, and the broth, while nice and hot, was a bit on the weaker side compared to other places.

Extreme closeup of Pho

To cap off our meal, we split a Banh Mi:

#66 Vietnamese Special Sub ($3.75)

At under $4, this is a great deal.  The sub included the thin ham and the thicker luncheon-meat, pate, pickled daikon and carrots.  The bread was softer than most bahn mi I’ve had before, and there wasn’t any cilantro which I normally adore, but everything was still good.

Everything was served pretty quickly, and the couple who seem to own the restaurant did a good job taking care of all the tables plus take-out orders.  Not much in terms of fancy service, but they were friendly and attentive.

Pho Nhuận on Urbanspoon

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