Jako Japanese Restaurant

I’ve had a Groupon for a certain brasserie on David for about 3 months now, and every time we try to go to use it, the place is packed!  I guess that’s a good sign, but it has made for some frustrating outings of late.  On an early September evening, that was exactly our situation, so we ventured back towards Yaletown on Davie in search for somewhere good and fast to eat: Jako Sushi (or Jako Japanese Restaurant) was the choice we made after seeing a group of college-aged people say “yay, Jako’s!” 🙂

Jako Sushi at Davie near Burrard

We were greeted by a very nice and friendly man who showed us to a small table.  The place was packed – when we had a look at the menu and the many pictures of dishes on the walls, we saw why: bargain basement prices!  So, while I didn’t get to use my Groupon, we did get a very affordable meal nonetheless!

We started off with the typical green tea (complimentary) and miso soup ($1).  Both were nice and hot.  The soup had some green onion and a bit of tofu cubes, but no wakame or mushrooms to jazz it up – it was still alright.

Miso soup & tea

Next, we ordered some edamame ($2.50).  These were hot too, which was nice, but rather overcooked, as the shells started to separate into the outer and inner layers.

Edamae w. brown-rice, real crab California roll (in background)

Then came sushi – there was an insane Salmon Lovers’ Combo for just under $7 – you got spicy salmon, BC roll and the basic salmon roll – 6 pieces of each – for this crazy price.  Everything was pretty good, the BC roll was particularly impressive as it wasn’t overly “fishy” despite the use of salmon skin.  I found the rice to be a bit gummy though, and warm, which made each sushi piece a bit “gloammy” to eat.

We had also ordered one order of the California roll, upgrading to real crab and brown rice ($4.25 with upgrades included).  I’d never tried a brown rice version of sushi, and I can’t say I was impressed.  The brown rice was also quite sticky and warm – not worth the extra $0.50 in my books.

Spicy salmon, BC roll & salmon roll

Our final item was a soft-shelled crab with salad ($6.50).  Not overly battered, this little guy was very tasty on its own.  The black vinegar dipping sauce was too strong though, I thought, served straight-up without any sesame oil or mirin to cut it.  Another sauce would have been better, or even no sauce was good enough.

Soft shelled crab

We ate well, and a lot for about $30.  This was precisely what we needed to have a dinner out before our next event (a rather fantastic comedy show of Darcy Michael and Charlie Demers at the Comedy Mix).  Nothing fancy here, but great value for dollar for sure!

Jako Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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