Slocan Family Restaurant

For those of you who regularly follow my blog, you know that Chris & I are big fans of brunch.  You may also know that we moved this summer to new part of the GVRD, so we’ve had to try to find some new places for morning meals in our new neighbourhood.  One hungry morning, Chris did a quick search online and found the Slocan Family Restaruant – we love family restaurants – you’re guaranteed homestyle favourites, so that’s where we went!

On Hastings, near (duh!) Slocan

It was super busy, but I saw immediately that our waitress was one of these rare, super-talented, pros where, despite her young age, she seems to have mastered the efficiency of movement that makes a world of difference in good service.  She got us water, menus, took our coffee orders ($1.45 – ignore the $0.75 refill note on the menu, we were not charged for top-ups), and then did the rounds before coming back for our meal orders.  It was great to see someone do this so well.

All-day Breakfast menu

The breakfast options were not crazy extensive, instead, there were just your basic breakfast options.  Nothing weird or too experimental.  I was briefly tempted to get steak and eggs after the table of three next to us each got this dish, but I decided on something a bit less protein-heavy: Eggs Benedict.

Eggs Benedict ($7.25)

First off, the price is fantastic.  Next, the dish was pretty good too!  Thick, buttery hollandaise coated two perfectly poached eggs, slices of ham and well-toasted english muffins.  The hashbrowns were okay, being somewhere between the grated kind I don’t like, and the chunky kind I adore.  There were lots of little crispy bits!

Two egg breakfast + Sausage

Chris ordered the two egg breakfast ($4.95) and then upgraded with sausage ($2).  I think the extra twoonie for the sausage was a bit steep, but he was pleased with his meal (also included toast, that I didn’t take a picture of).  His eggs were cooked perfectly over-easy as per his request, and again, lots of those hashbrowns.

Everything came quickly, and there were plenty of offers to reheat coffee, refill water, and checking if we were okay.  I was pretty happy with this home-cooking type place.  I was also happy that they took all forms of credit and debit cards (something that you can’t count on at little family-run places).  You do have to go up to the cash register to pay at the end – we weren’t aware of this, but caught on quickly 🙂

Slocan on Urbanspoon

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