Splitz Grill

Chris & I were off to enjoy yet another glorious evening out in Vancouver this summer.  We had tickets to go to a Vancouver Canadian baseball game (where, apparently we were unlucky charms as their winning streak came to an abrupt end with them loosing 9-2 against the Aquasox!), but first we wanted to get some dinner!

On Main near King Edward

We’d never been to Splitz Grill before – though the set up reminded me a bit of a Lick’s burger place in Ontario (though with less singing!).  First you order your burger and meal options with the cashier, then follow your tray down the way where a ridiculous number of topping options are available for your sandwich.

Order board #2

Order board #1

We had a bit of an issue with my order – I had ordered a Lamb Burger, which doesn’t get cooked on the same grill as the other burgers, so the folks behind me got taken care of first – this got my toppings ignored, and then assembled on someone else’s bun.  This got fixed quickly, but was a bit of a headache.  Anyhow, on to the food!

Lamb Burger, with fries, pop & gravy ($12)

This was a huge meal – the fries you see up front were great; cut thick with skins on, they were nice and crispy.  The gravy which was an extra $1.75 was worth it in my books – dark and meaty, it went super well with the fries.  The burger itself was pretty good; the lamb had a good strong flavour, and the fresh toppings (including tatziki, sprouts, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, etc.).


I also tried a bit of Chris’ Legendary Splitz Burger – it was definitely great – much juicier than my lamb burger, and super meaty too.  I think his burger was better, though I was happy with my order too.  Both burgers were a mess to eat – toppings and sauces falling all over the place.  This is definitely a “to stay” burger, not something you’d want to risk eating in your car!

Splitz Grill on Urbanspoon

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One Response to Splitz Grill

  1. Tia says:

    looks like i’ve gotta try this place!
    i’m so happy you made the crackers! nice tip with the pasta rollers. i have a pasta machine but rarely use it – until now, i’ll try it!

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