Tom & Jerry’s

So, I recognize that there are bad times to try out a restaurant and expect to have a regular experience… The free-admision day for the PNE was probably not a good day to try something in the Hastings-Sunrise area, but, when you’re hungry, you gotta eat, and Tom & Jerry’s seemed like a good enough place to escape the over-priced, greasy, and super-wasteful fair food.

Tom & Jerry's near Renfrew on Hastings

Clearly, we were not the only people who decided to walk the few blocks west to find a sit-down place for lunch.  At around 3 PM, the place was packed.  We waited about 30 minutes for a table, which, honestly, should have been a much shorter wait if their staff had been more organized.

80's throwback interior (note table up front*)

It seemed like everyone was doing a bit of everything – hostessing, taking orders, bringing food, doing refills, getting checks, etc.  Had there been more “division of labour” the tasks would have definitely been done more efficiently and better turnaround – not to mention better service – would have resulted.

So we waited… and, while we waited, we had to watch *the folks in the front booth eat their food in the most disgusting, mannerless way.  This is definitely a pet peeve for Chris, but it really bugs me too.  Cut your food, then eat it with a fork – don’t just hold a big piece on a fork and take bites from it as if it were a drumstick.  Gross.

Deluxe Burger w. Salad ($9.99)

When we finally got seated, our waitress was very friendly and upbeat.  She got our drink orders (two pops – $2 each, technically with free refills…) and then came back shortly to get our food order.  As promised by the outside ads, nothing was over $10 on the menu (though, by upgrading or adding sides, you could have regular dishes come to about $15 or more).  Anyhow, we both played it relatively safe.  Chris ordered a Deluxe Burger with a side of salad.  The burger was juicy, and came with both “cheddar” and bacon.  Decent, but nothing outrageously good.  The salad was quite good for this kind of place – “spring mix” along with chunks of good cucumber and tomato (i.e. perfectly ripe tomato). Bottled salad dressing served in a plastic cup on the side was provided in quantities large enough for an entire salad bowl.

Grilled Reuben w. Salad ($9.99)

I got the Grilled Reuben, which, to my surprise came as a triple-decker sandwich.  The bottom layer had the vast majority of the smoked meat, so maybe this was a mistake?  Otherwise, it was good, with the rye bread being well toasted.  My salad was pretty much the same, though I got a few carrot shavings on mine.

I know it was busy, and perhaps that was a good enough explanation for the waitress pretty much forgetting about us after dropping off food and I think Chris got one pop refill, but we were left drinkless for most of the meal and it took a long time to get our bill and pay it too.

As mentioned before, perhaps it was just a perfect storm of bad-timing; perhaps it was silly of us to seek food so near the crazy PNE grounds… But I get the sense that this was somewhat part for the course at Tom & Jerry’s.  Nothing special or intriguing enough to draw me back there for a second try, not even its late-night hours given other 24-hour options.  Sorry folks, not a good one!

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