La Taqueria Taco Shop

I had a meeting in downtown last week, which, after a long bus ride, is always rewarded by something interesting for lunch (options at SFU are limited!).  Since my meeting was near Gastown, I thought this was a prime time to try La Taqueria that everyone has been raving about!

On Hastings near Cambie

Well – it must be a foodie’s choice spot – when I stepped in, low and behold, I saw Mijune!  The authoress and intrepid gourmet from Follow Me Foodie must have just been finishing a business lunch – she provided sage advice on what to choose for my own meal (she must have tried everything on their menu!)

Following her recommendation, I ordered a Da Cachete taco to go along with my previously-determined Pollo Con Mole.  The Da Cachete was definitely the better of the two – braised beef cheeks proved to be incredibly tender.  They weren’t greasy at all either, which was a nice touch compared to some other braised beef dishes I’ve had, but rather super juicy.  The chopped onion and bits of cilantro were great additions to the doubled-up tortilla.  The squeeze of lime brought additional brightness to this dish.

Chicken Mole & Beef Cheek (Da Cachete) tacos ($2.50 each)

The Pollo Con Mole was definitely not as awesome – I’ve tried mole on maybe 4 or 5 occasions now – at different places too – and it’s just not my thing.  The flavours have been cooked together too long to be discernible from one another.  I liked the texture of the sesame seeds, but the heavy sauce killed any chicken flavour.

For $2.50 a piece, I thought this was a pretty great price for a small lunch.  I appreciated how quick my meal was served, and enjoyed eating off a frisbee if it meant helping reduce waste (kudos for such a small establishment doing the extra work of cleaning dishes instead of going 100% disposable!).  This place seems extra authentic too given that 3 out of 4 other customers there ordered in Spanish and the chefs called one another “hermanos” 🙂

I’ll be back!

La Taqueria Taco Shop on Urbanspoon

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