(Richmond) Summer NightMarket 2010

I normally post about restaurants, but, because this weekend will mark the closing days of the Summer Night Market in Richmond, I thought this was a good opportunity to recap all the awesome fun & food there is to be had!

If you haven’t been before – let me share three rules with you:

  1. Bring cash (there’s a grey-machine ATM, but the fee is pretty steep and there’s always a line up)
  2. Wear closed shoes (it gets crowded; also be aware of people walking with sticks and skewers!)
  3. Skip dinner!

Here are some of our favourites:

Xin Jiang Yang Choi BBQ stand

    Xin Jiang Yang Choi BBQ stand

    This chef is always moving, grilling skewers of lamb (our favourite), beef, chicken and shrimp – sprinkling them with coat after coat of spices, and hawking his goods on his Madona-esque headset.  At $2 per stick (no price-break on larger quantities) you get reasonably good value for dollars – and even the short wait is enjoyable as you watch this man in action (and inhaled the delicious BBQ smoke).

    Roasted Corn Stand

    Roasted Corn stand - poor Chris - he doesn't know I'm using this picture!

    If you’re like me and feel like you need some kind of veggies to make a meal complete, stop by the Roasted Corn stand.  Very hot and very sweet, you’ll get a fresh ear of corn shucked upon order for $3 a piece.  Their numerous spices add to the fun – Chris enjoys the wacky cinnamon sugar mix, while I’m all about the garlic salt and parmesan.

    Twist Potatoes

    Twist (sometimes called Hurricane) Potato

    Still in the veggie category – you’ll no doubt see tons of folks with these crazy french-fry/potato chip hybrid on a stick.  At 2 potatoes for $5, this is a fun treat.  Available with ketchup, spicy Korean sauce, cheddar powder or parmesan powder (all are sprinkled with salt first too).  Instead of shoving the stick down your throat, may I suggest you peel pieces off? 🙂



    A few stands serve this – I like the one from Hachan (the original one at the market – it has about a dozen of the semi-circular cast-iron molds at the stand).  You get 6 (and sometimes 8 at other stands) for $5.  They’re about the size of golf balls (or Timbits) and are supposed to be undercooked/goopey in the middle.  Covered with a sweet teriyaki-like Takoyaki sauce, plus mayo, bonito (smoked fish) flakes, and nori (seaweed) flakes, these taste way better than they sound.  We really like the tako/octopus ones.  Be careful – they are hot!

    Taiwanese Wheel Cakes

    Taiwanese Wheel Cakes

    Chris likes these way more than me – these are semi-sweet, pancake-like cakes that are assembled from cylindrical molds, usually with a filling (custard, peanut butter, or, the most popular one: Nutella).  At $1 each (some price breaks for multiple orders), they’re a good price, but they do take some time to make.

    Taiwanese Jelly Desert

    Taiwanese jelly desert

    Here’s another one that’s exclusively for Chris.  This buffet of gelatinous cubes and beans (yes – beans!) can be mixed & matched for about $4 per cup.  Syrups, some juices, or coconut milk can be added to (for what effect? I don’t know!)  The variety on display is quite impressive… if you like this sort of stuff! 🙂

    While the shopping isn’t really our thing, I might suggest you buy a bag of kettle popcorn for the walk back to your car or transit ride home (take a flashlight if you’re going to park in a free area – it gets super dark along the railway and back streets).  Oh, and don’t forget to enjoy the amazing sunset views from the Fraser River too:

    Happy last days of summer!

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