Seattle Week! Paseo

Back in August, Chris & I went to enjoy a long weekend in Seattle.  I’d never really been, and with us living so close, it was definitely something we wanted to do!

Our first day comprised of getting up really early, having Tim Horton’s on the road, and by the time we hit Seattle, traffic was pretty crazy.  We were pretty much starving by the time we hit the Fremont neighbourhood, and luckily didn’t have to wait too long outside of Paseo.

At Fremont Ave. near 43rd Street

The little shack was busy, with take-outs, eat-ins, and much-envied called-ahead pick-ups which seemed to be the fastest way to get your order.  We had ample time to check out the menu posted outside.

The line progressed reasonably well; we put in our orders with this guy, paid with American cash (and tipped well – I always feel bad for the restaurant sector employees in the States with even worse minimum wages and non-existing benefits).  We took a seat by the front door/window and waited another 10 minutes for our order to arrive.

Cash only!

The kitchen is huge – makes it seem crazy that the front of house area is so small!

Food time!  We ordered two sandwiches, each upgraded with a side of corn.  Chris picked the  Grilled Pork which was the most popular sandwich and voted #1 best sandwich on a recent Food TV show.  The grilled pork was served as large pieces and had a slightly crispy outside.  The sauce was amazing – like sweet slow-roasted onions – and it went particularly well with the cilantro, lettuce and mayo.  A bit “big” to eat, the perfectly toasted bread was delicious too.

Roast Pork ($8.50)

I ordered the Cuban Roast which was surprisingly different than Chris’ sandwich.  Being much more like a pulled pork sandwich, it sopped up a lot of sauce.  I found the onions to be too big to eat properly in the sandwich, which resulted in a sad sandwich slide.  Everything tasted great, it was just impossible to eat neatly!

Cuban Roast ($8.50) + corn ($1)

The corn that we ordered was a bit expensive ($1 each) but interesting.  Boiled, then served with a savoury butter/oil that included roasted peppers, it had a really unique flavour.  While the guys ahead of us in line (who happened to be wearing Google t-shirts, very Seattle) raved about the corn, I’d skip this if we were to return.

Paseo (Fremont) on Urbanspoon

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