Seattle Week! Von’s RoastHouse

While I had done some research into food places in Seattle, I wanted to leave a few options for “try what we find” in our travels.  Von’s RoastHouse was a good example of this – we kind of stumbled upon it when looking for a very late night supper.

On Pine near 6th Ave in downtown

We chose to sit in the bar so we were seated quickly.  After reviewing menus, we took a moment to look around – there was a very impressive wall of liquor, and some pretty crazy stuff on the walls and ceiling.

crazy stuff on the walls

A minute or two later, the server asked what we wanted to drink, and the Personal Pitchers of micro-brewed draught beer sounded like a bargain for $10, so we ordered a Hefeweizen:

Personal Pitcher of Vons Hefeweizen ($10)

We were surprised when it came in a single glass mug… so we asked for a second pint glass to share it – this will also give you a much better sense of scale! 🙂

Now that's 32 oz!

Next up – food!  I was very much in the mood for a big salad and the Von’s Signature Salad with romaine, balsamic tarragon vinaigrette, carrot spaghettini, dried cranberries, blue vein cheese, brown sugar Oregon black walnuts plus carved smoked turkey ($10 + $2 for the turkey).

Seriously huge Von's Signature Salad (w. turkey) $12

That sounded like a lot of stuff, but I was glad that it still retained its “saladness” amongst all the ingredients.  The turkey, which at $2 was a steal, was incredibly juicy and tender for turkey.  It was served just slightly cool, which worked well with the salad (if it had been hot, it would have wilted everything).  This really was what I was after for dinner, very filling but in a healthy way.

Chris ordered another one of their roasted offerings: Spit Roasted Chicken (Flav’r Gusto 4 Herb Chicken Roast).

4 Herb Roasted Chicken (half) $16

That is one tasty-looking dish!  While I found the presentation of the ring-mould mashed potatoes strange, the fact that you get a big chicken (not one of the tiny deli-style chickens) was nice, lots of gravy, and a good assortment of veggies.  The chicken was super moist with crispy skin.  The gravy was well seasoned, and not greasy at all.  Everything on Chris’ plate was pretty amazing.  It was also a very good price (1/4 chickens were $13, so not a bad upgrade price)!

We skipped desert, but enjoyed the Atomic Fireball candies they provided with the bill.  We also took some of the fruitwood chips they offered as take home gifts to all customers (which happens to include the recipe for the chicken – yay!).

If we come back to Seattle, this will definitely be on our “revisit” list – afterall, with the chicken and turkey, we only tried two of the 10 daily “fresh roasted varieties everyday”!

Von's RoastHouse on Urbanspoon

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2 Responses to Seattle Week! Von’s RoastHouse

  1. Merrisa Firnstahl says:


    Thanks for the great comments about Von’s. Its my families restaurant and we love to hear about peoples experiences. Next time you are in town please come on down and print this note and enjoy another beer and entree on me!!!

    Missy Claridge

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