Seattle Week! Post

Post – what a strange name for a restaurant – it’s like a call to food bloggers “come visit, eat, post!”  Had there not been a giant neon sign to describe the street/neighbourhood in which Post is located, I might have stayed confused 🙂

Post Alley - just up from Pike Place Market

We knew there were lots of restaurants in this general vicinity, and ended up at Post randomly.  Their restaurant wasn’t crazy busy and seemed to have good looking food to go along with drinks.

Post Alley - it's much more charming than this picture makes it look

Poorly lit & subtle signage (sorry!)

We were on vacation, so I ordered a glass of wine to go with my meal; their Loredona Pino Grigio spoke out to me, and its crisp, light flavour did me good.

Pino Grigio ($8)

Their menu wasn’t extensive, but it did feature a few nice-sounding things.

Chris chose their Linguini with prawns and (Pike Place) market veggies in garlic cream sauce.  A reasonable sized portions, it did include quite a few shrimp and a nice addition of crostini that were enjoyed with the rich sauce.  I think he got some parmesan in one ramekin and some chiffonade-ed basil in the other.  Again, bad (i.e. non-existent) lighting makes this picture looks yucky but the plate looked much nicer in person.

Linguini ($10.50)

For my dinner, I again felt like salad – and when you add the word “Goat Cheese” I’m sold 🙂  The Golden baked goat cheese salad was listed as a starter, but I thought it would be a good light meal.

Goat Cheese Salad ($6)

That white blob at 3 o’clock is the goat cheese.  It wasn’t baked golden brown, but it was darn tasty.  Super rich and creamy, it had a good chevre flavour and the ground black pepper did add to the savouriness of the cheese.  The rest of the salad was mostly butter and green leaf lettuce, a bit of radiccio, some sweet red onion, small but super sweet cherry tomatoes, and some of my own crostini (Chris’ were safe from my grabby hands!).  I felt this could have definitely been plated nicer, but the salad was good, fresh, and well balanced.  The salad dressing was very mild and tasted a bit of sundried tomato and tarragon vinegar.  For $6, I really can’t complain!

Service was a bit slow and inattentive, but because it was quite late and because we were sitting on the patio, I can somewhat understand.  The restaurant also seemed to be in the process or transitioning into a nightclub around the time we visited, so as our meal went on, the music got louder and louder.  My take-away from this restaurant was the fresh produce and the enjoying the vibe of Post Alley – pretty good result for a random dinning choice!

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