Seattle Week – Bonus post! Beecher’s Handmade Cheese

I had to squeeze in one extra post for this Seattle Week series!  I really enjoyed walking through the Pike Place Market, and visiting the nearby shops and grocers, but Beecher’s was really something to post about.

On the corner of Pike Place & Pine Street

This corner-lot shop is actually making cheese on site.  I loved that you could see the milk being turned into curds while sitting on old fashioned milk jugs turned into stools!

The shop also has a small take-out & food prep area.  They have various soups, some sandwiches, apparently a killer macaroni & cheese, and, ready to go, some panini presses for grilled cheeses!

What a great logo!

It takes a few minutes, but worth the wait.  Your sandwich will come wrapped in paper, and tagged with a sticker that features their great old-school logo.

Perfectly grilled!

Here’s the final product:

Grilled cheese (cross-section) (~$7)

That is perfectly melted cheese.  The bread is really nicely toasted, and the cheese itself is not too strong, but a very good consistency for a grilled cheese.  They also didn’t go overboard to the point where it would have been a messy sandwich rather than this, elegantly simple version.  Sure it’s a bit pricey at around $7, but to get to have something this cheesy right in the cheese shop helps to curtail any other cheese-buying splurges I was tempted by!


We’re back in Vancouver for the next week of posts – hope you enjoyed this Seattle series!

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