Seattle Week! Homegrown

In stark contrast to the previous post, this is one I’m very proud of sharing.  It was our last day in Seattle and we were heading out on the road.  A few other places we had considered for our Sunday lunch were closed, sadly, but we thought it would be good to return to the Fremont area to check it out a bit more.  After parking right next to the Fremont Troll, we walked into Homegrown, a great looking restaurant with a conscience.

On Fremont near 35th Street

You’re immediately drawn to the huge wall-sized chalkboard menus that cover one entire side of the dining room.  The rest of the space is modern but humble at the same time (e.g. the cafeteria trays, self-served water, etc.)

Much like a deli (and Homegrown purports to be a “sandwich lab”) you go up, order and pay up front.  We were most interested in breakfast, and both thought the Avocado, Egg & Cheese breakfast sandwich sounded great.

We sat down after ordering, and about 5 minutes later, our order was ready.  In addition to the sandwich itself, you also get a little bowl of oatmeal.  I thought this was a great touch, cheap to make and easy to keep hot on hand – it really helped fill out the meal.

Avocado, Egg & Cheese sandwich w. Oatmeal ($6)

Boasting local ingredients, the avocado was clearly not from the Pacific Northwest, however, the eggs were from a local farm (organic & free range), and the sesame roll was from a nearby bakery.  The gouda was from Beechers’ which we’ll visit next!

Under the hood...

That is one fine looking, appropriately “goopy” breakfast sandwich!  The cheese was nice and melted, the egg was actually done over-easy (which did result in a bit of yolk on my face – literally!) and the toasted seedy bun provided great textural contrast to the fillings.  I was very happy with this meal.  I’m sorry we only found it on our last day and didn’t have time to try more things.  We’ll definitely come back on our next trip to Seattle!

Homegrown on Urbanspoon

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