Cream puff duo: Bonchaz & Beard Papa

It seemed wrong to write up a single baked good as a blog post – that would be the ultimate “puff piece”!  So, I went out, dear readers, and had more baked goods just for you 🙂


When I texted an offer to pick up a “bonchaz” for my friend on the way to a meeting, I laughed out loud when he replied “a what?!” 🙂

At Hastings near Harbour Centre

Clearly he hadn’t heard the hype in the city about this new baked, puffy sweet bun which is named Bonchaz.  I had taken advantage of one of the coupons they readily hand out during my visit, but did buy an iced coffee; the regular price for a Bonchaz is pretty inexpensive at $1.25 a piece (or up to $1.75 for the filled ones).  Coffee prices are very reasonable too.

One of the ovens & menu boards

Original Bonchaz ($1.25)

Airy inside of Bonchaz

The Bonchaz was very crisp on the outside with a sweetness that came both from the powdered sugar sprinkled on it, but also the dough itself.  It was very light and airy, with a giant air gap inside the pastry itself.  I did really like that the bottom was crisp in complement with the crisp top (had it been soft or chewy, I think it would have been pretty gross).  The results of all this crispiness was flakes and crumbs all over the place!

Bonchaz Bakery Cafe on Urbanspoon

Beard Papa

A similar treat can be found at a variety of the Beard Papa outlets across the city.

Metrotown Beard Papa

I had never had one of their cream puffs before, so I picked a pretty standard Chocolate Beard Papa.

Super tidy food preparation area

The “chef” at Beard Papa was very friendly and made me feel less guilty about my 10 AM treat by saying that in France, a chocolate eclair was a very standard breakfast item 🙂

Chocolate Beard Papa ($1.95)

Chocolate cream inside

The cream puff pastry was very airy, slightly warm, and a bit sweet.  The powdered sugar on top of the pastry was actually chocolate flavoured.  Inside the pastry was a substantial amount of cold chocolate cream.  It wasn’t overly sweet, but it did have quite a pronounced chocolate flavour.  I was surprised by how well this went together – it wasn’t overly wet, and somehow the cream helped keep  the crumbly pastry together better.  It was still a little hard to eat, but pretty amazing tasting.

Of the two, I’d say that Beard Papa was the one I preferred.  I missed out on trying the Banana flavoured one, but they are currently featuring a Dulce de Leche one right now that sounds pretty great. 🙂

Beard Papa's (Metrotown) on Urbanspoon

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