Kita Sushi

Near Gilmore Skytrain station, there are very few food options.  In addition to the obligatory Starbucks, there’s a (standardly gross) Taco Del Mar and a small sushi restaurant that’s tucked next to a hair dresser.

Kita Sushi near Gilmore on Dawson Street

It seemed to be run by a female itamae and staffed by Japanese employees.

Cold case of sushi @ Kita

I was just in and out, so I chose one of their ready-to-go combination plates.

Maki Combo (18 pieces) $9

The Maki Combo included a pretty good variety of rolls -Kappa (cucumber), Salmon & Tuna, and then prettily interspersed large Dynamite and California rolls.


I was quite impressed by the quality for take-out sushi; the double-shrimp in the dynamite roll was still a bit crisp amongst the avocado and mayo.  The rice was well made, though the nori had, unpreventably, gotten soft and a bit chewy.

If the take-out was this decent, I’d be quite curious to see how their fresh-made “to stay” would be!

Kita Sushi on Urbanspoon

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