Wally’s Burgers

I spent all day Saturday, a gorgeous, sunny & hot day, driving around running errands.  I was nearing my old neighbourhood of Victoria-Fraserview when hunger hit me.  Luckily, near the cobbler I was bringing some shoes to, there was a restaurant I had wanted to try: Wally’s Burgers.

Near Killarney and 49th Avenue

The storefront, with its whimsical font, indicates a retro dinner, but the inside of the restaurant was very spartan, painted grey, and mostly set up as a take-out joint with an L-shapped counter with awkward stools to sit at.

Wally's Menu board

I ordered a poutine and a hot dog (choosing rebelliously to not get a hamburger at a place where “burger” is in the name!).  After a few minutes, my order was called out.

Stritzeldog ($4)

The Stritzeldog sounded great: A jumbo hot dog, topped with onions, sauerkraut and mustard.  They had nicely squeezed the sauerkraut to make sure it wasn’t a soupy mess, and I liked the plain yellow mustard, however, I was surprised that it came squeezed on already.  The onions were not sauteed at all, which made them quite sharp tasting and strong.  I liked that the bun was toasted, but the following was a major disappointment:

Oh no! Broken bun!

The bun had split completely in two, which made this impossibly hard to eat (especially with all that sauerkraut and mustard).  A final note about this hotdog; although it came in a Shopsy’s wrapper, it was nice that it was a boiled dog – very retro! I liked this a lot, and, had it been less of a mess to eat, I would have called this a winner.

Poutine ($4.50)

My poutine was served in a fully biodgradable cup, which was nice (thought the plastic fork was very clearly not as environmentally friendly).  Served pipping hot, the poutine was nicely layered, with lots (in fact, too much) gravy.  It was nice and salty, and the fries were fried well, though I would have preferred a slightly longer/darker frying.

So, for a quick mid-day meal, I found Wally’s to be decent.  Perhaps their burgers are better (though, I hear they are just as messy as my hot dog), but I’d be willing to give their hot dogs another shot.

Wally's Burgers on Urbanspoon

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