After a long week filled with after work events, both Chris and I were looking forward to a very low key weekend at home. This included not doing too many chores, sleeping in, and, a rare treat – ordering a pizza. We hadn’t tried any take-our or delivery pizza in our new neighbourhood, so, it was a bit of a shot in the dark when we called up Raggazi Pizza Co.

We were rather undecided, so we ordered both a pizza and a pasta dish for pick up. Chris called it in, and was told the order would be ready for pickup in 5 minutes! Impressive!

After what seemed like just instants, Chris came back from their little shop on 22nd ave and Renfrew with a very large pizza box and a paper bag. The dog was enthralled with the aroma 🙂

Extra-Large Prosciutto & Funghi Pizza ($17.95)

We had ordered an extra large (they only come in “small” 10-inch and “extra-large” 17-inch sizes) proscuitto and funghi pizza. With a fine, thin crust, tangy tomato sauce, and a nice balance of toppings and cheese, this was a very good, “grown up” pizza. I was especially pleased with the large mushroom pieces that were almost juicy rather then the yucky desiccated slices you normally find on pizza.

The lasagna we ordered to go with this meal wasn’t particularly pretty to look at, but it sure was tasty.

Lasagna ($9.25)

Dense with properly cooked noodles, meat sauce, and ricotta, Chris explained that they cut the generous portion from a larger tray. I think this not only helped ensure that orders could be filled quickly, but avoid the dry/overcooked results one usually finds with individual portioned versions.

So, our first experience was an excellent one. This is a very different neighbourhood pizza place than our previous go-to location from the Victoria-Fraserview area, Supreme Pizza, but I’ll happily trade-in deep-dish cheese-loaded gluttony for way more authentic Italian fare.

Ragazzi Pizza Co on Urbanspoon

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